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Posted by Zacagawea (1649 posts) 1 year, 8 months ago

Poll: How sad are you for Alexis? (490 votes)

Extremely 17%
Somewhat 11%
Vinny is the best (!) 73%

Unprofessional Fridays took an even more unprofessional turn in this weeks installment. This continues the dramatic downward trend of professionalism on the show. Please only vote if you saw what has just transpired literally minutes earlier, we need pinpoint accurate results of the feelings of the Giant Bomb community here. Please feel free to use this thread to provide support to Alexis in his time of need.

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His reaction was fucking priceless. What a sport.

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Honestly, I would hate it if someone did that to me.

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As a confused non subscriber, can someone elaborate?

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His reaction was literally perfect.

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Crap, I left the stream early, what did I miss?

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Racing life ain't for everyone.

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did he puke?

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A little, but hey, at least he got some alone time with the Rift. There's worse fates. Who knows, he could still be out there, driving into the sunset...proving he's Man Enough.

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Wait, what happened?

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It was bound to happen, they were contemplating on doing it the last time they used the Rift.

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They wanted to do this last time they used the Oculus but it didn't pan out then. Glad they managed to pull it off this time.


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Alexis closed the show in style, the man cannot be fazed.

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Ah, I just see the above picture and I immediately realize what happened. Heh, they finally did it.

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@punkxblaze: Nothing good.

Wow, that's perfect. I'll enjoy watching that when I'm through the backlog of GB stuff I've yet to see.

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I'm not sad for Alexis in the least. He perfectly played his part in the bit, and it was hilarious.

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But no it was goddamn perfect and was hilarious, especially Alexis' reaction.

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I couldn't stop laughing. That made my night.

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Fuck this misleading thread title

But what happened makes up for it

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Even Alexis wasn't sad for Alexis

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I was having internet troubles, and ended up missing a lot of the Man Enough and Alexis Occulus segments, but I got back in just in time to see that, and...


I bet Alexis was laughing right along with the rest of the crew soon after.

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I do hope he took it in good spirit.

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I laughed. Hard. But when he started talking about gears I started tearing up a little. I don't know if those were happy or sad tears.

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It was so funny. Alexis seems to have a good sense of humor about himself, so it worked perfectly.

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He was a good sport about it. It was a fantastic end to a great UF.

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Didn't see it but looks hilarious. Hope it's on the archive version. Don't feel bad for him at all.

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How is this different from that DSi XL video?

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Nothing to be sad about, this is just friends fucking with each other. I've done this with friends and had it done to me before; mine involved a bustop, but I can't for the life of me remember what was covering my eyes,

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I thought something terrible happened - I have no idea why I'd be sad about that; I have no idea why Alexis would be sad either. If he has a droplet of humor, he'll find that hilarious.

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I thought something terrible happened - I have no idea why I'd be sad about that; I have no idea why Alexis would be sad either. If he has a droplet of humor, he'll find that hilarious.

He did. He lifted up the Oculus Rift to ask Drew something, saw everyone gone with the lights down and he laughed and called them assholes. Then he put them back on and continued playing lol

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ryan would be proud.

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Oh man... I'm trying to imagine if a thread like this spawned after Creeper Cam Jeff's "breakdown" from way back when when they did Happy Hour's instead during the Whiskey Media days!

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Oculus Rift, Racing Seat; I am nothing but jealous of Alexis.

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Ah, shit. Wish I had been there.

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Hahaha looking forward to watching the archived version!

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Vinny is amazing. Things like this are why I have and will always be entertained by Giant Bomb. Keep up the great work guys, I love it. Correction, we as a community, love it.

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So this is the shit I miss when I'm not subscribed? So glad I got to see this.

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Oh man I really wish I was able to see this live. I love this site so much.

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That was soooo hilarious. They pulled it off perfectly. And the fact that Alexis took it so well AND managed to end the stream by himself added to the awesomeness. Probably one of my favorite endings along with this one.

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Top image is before Realising everyone had gone and bottom image is after

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Please, someone, WHEN was this UPF recorded? Put dates in the stories please...

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Please, someone, WHEN was this UPF recorded? Put dates in the stories please...

Well, the poll was posted 1 year 2 months ago according to the OP, so if you go back 1 year and 2 months in the archive you get this:

Loading Video...

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@starvinggamer: Yeah, I found it, but I didn't know which one of the 4 it was, or if the site rounded up the month even if it wasn't a full month, but I found it. IT's awesome!

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Please don't necro old, dead threads. Locked.