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I had so much fun with my Spelunkin' With Scoops fan art and thought it'd be a shame if I didn't do something for his current feature. Hope you duders enjoy it.

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Fantastic art as always, Max! Patrick's expression is great and sums up perfectly his new found friendship with his buddy Gamblor.

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Really cool artwork I like your style.

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Really cool artwork I like your style.

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That is so good, thanks so much for sharing. This is getting saved into my folder of pictures I want to print out and get framed when I have a wall to put them on.

Goddamn this community has some talented artists in it.

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Ah! That's great.


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Youse guys is a buncha sweetie pies.

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Just one more crank.

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Looks like ol' scoops there lost his shirt (and pants) to Gamblor.

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Is @patrickklepek aware of this?

Anyways, nicely done as always. Love your style.

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ZombiePie already pimped your work duder, Patrick should see it soon. Awesome work man!

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I think that sums up his runs pretty well.

Great work!

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I really dig it, and it's all very appropriate.

Or maybe inappropriate, I dunno.

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I really like it!

even though i dont rly like the game =o

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So great. Love it!