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I don't really participate in the community here, but I just wanted to say that I don't care about actors or musicians (or anyone on the public eye). cause you don't really know them, you only see the characters they play, or the work they produce. If they do a have public persona, its either minimal via tweets, or articles/speeches which are double triple checked before they go out.

But for the bombsquad, whether you listen to the bombcast, or watch the quicklooks, there's no act, there's no compromise to cater for the easily offended or company etiquette. There is simply the crew being themselves. Not only expressing their true feelings towards, games but letting us know the real them with their general thoughts and activities in the real world.

So I just wanted to say. Ryan wasn't just some celebrity that people idolise. He was our friend. Our friend that we would want to spend us much time with as possible.

I'm sure most here feel the way I do, and I hope the crew know this. I hope they don't change their ways.