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Oh wow, oh wow, I'm peeing in joy right now. Holy shit, duder.

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That was perfect.


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I was just thinking about Ryan yesterday with everyone's reactions to Vinny leaving. Perfect timing and a pretty great song. Not entirely up on all the giant bomb references so no clue what the Ghost Fish is though.

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@corruptedevil: Would you believe that your comment will forever be the way that I found out about Vinny moving to New York? I thought he was leaving the company for a good minute or so. Much relief now though :D

Thanks peeps.

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You did a sweet job there.

I don't understand the ghost fish reference though.

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I can't actually remember what specific video/podcast Ghost Fish was in reference to. It was either a podcast episode or video in which he mentioned hating the ghost fish from Ninja Gaiden.

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Amazing work duder! This is why I love the giantbomb community.

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Oh man, this is great! You really captured the spirit of an old-west style 'round-the-campfire tale. Really well done!!

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Revelation! Ghost Fish is a reference to this video. In retrospect it might be a MGS4 thing.

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Beautiful. Simply amazing. That wonderful Ryan Davis laugh! RIP Ryan. 2013 took too many wonderful souls.

Wish Vin was still in SF office, but that's okay. Family first! :)

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The bombcast theme being whistled was the icing on the cake. Nicely done sir.

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Why isn't this thread more active? That was great!

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That was the greatest song I have ever heard in my entire life!!

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@maddenedman: Damn good stuff!

Btw you can embed soundcloud stuff apperantly, just use the video button and paste in the link to the song.

Like so:

Loading Video...

Get this in the first post!

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@forcen: Woah! Thanks, I knew there had to be a way!

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Fantastic work man! really beautiful stuff. Ryan would have enjoyed this or shit on it for being too mushy. Either way, that was really well done. Kudos

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This is amazing, man, and I love the ghost fish reference. Such a little thing to make a great song with :D

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This is pretty fantastic

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This needs to be on the front page! So great! yet somehow made me cry

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Awesome work duder! You got me following you on Soundcloud sir! :D

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Good job, really nice tribute.

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This is amazing, so much respect.

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This is the most perfectest thing I have ever heard.

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Hauntingly beautiful. Nice work duder.

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Yo! This to front page. Now!

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This is inspired! What a damm wonderful thing. Reminds me of Ghost Riders in the Sky a bit, which is no bad thing. Similar vibe.

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Great stuff! Thanks for this :)

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This is amazing. It should be on the front page indeed.

Well done.

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Awesome. Incredible work!

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Fucking awesome dude. You nailed it. Usually when people throw in-jokes into stuff it just makes me cringe but you really managed to make a good song first and fit the references in around it.

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Great work, man...

that ending...

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Damn it Ghost Fish. Awesome song dude, and you chose the perfect picture. Miss ya Ryan.

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That was great!

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Mother of God...

Also, first time listening to it gave me a nice bit of the ASMR tingles, so... thanks for that. :P

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Bumb because this deserves it.

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@maddenedman: Today marks the second time I cried from Aryan's passing, the first time being Johnny V at the first PAX after.

Fuckin' bravo man. Funny, fantastic, and just deeply wonderful.

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I really like the whistled bombcast theme. They should use it for the podcast sometimes.

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Bonus points for rhyming 'Z' with 'A'! Friggin great work, duder!

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Ryan would have been so stoked about this. Would have been nice to wait a month and post it on his anniversary though.

Hope the squad get to see this.

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This is a brillant Tribute to Ryan Davis, cant believe its been almost a year since his passing. LLAP!

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Awesome job, even if I can't understand a single goddam thing you're saying

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Dude, you should really cut a cover of the podcast theme and send it in. That has such a badass sound to it, I wouldn't be surprised if they used it, at least for an episode.