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Well... that was awesome. Great job man!

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Thank you for recording this. It didn't affect me so, but the comments always do.

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Just......brilliant, well done sir

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So good!

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Wow....just amazing. Well done. Now if you exude me I need to cry in private.

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Awesome duder, fantastic job

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That was totally amazing dude!

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Holy shit, that was great! LOVE the Bombcast whistlin', and I sure do agree with the ending. Awesome work, duder!

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Yep, I most certainly am bawling my eyes out now.

What a fantastic tribute, though, on every level. Thanks for this, duder!

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This is great, had me smiling all the way through and tearing up at the end.

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@lenny said:

This is inspired! What a damm wonderful thing. Reminds me of Ghost Riders in the Sky a bit, which is no bad thing. Similar vibe.

Also must add , fucking fantastic my good duder , great way to remind us of the great Ryan Davis.

Also could you post the lyrics for us were english isnt our first language?

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@aetheldod: Hopefully this displays properly! Just in case, the lyrics are also written out on the song's Soundcloud page.

The man named Ryan Davis
He was half man, half SimGolf machine
But still he was more of a man
Than any other man was or could ever have been

Papa Bear in yesteryear
He trotted through time with ease
Although the rowb'ts knew his Poké-weakness
Koffing made him giddy at the knees

He rode a horse-meet-rider
Into town the night that Ghost Fish was around
The two met eye to eye because
The ghost fish floated high above the ground


The Ghost fish sniggered loudly
It said "You can't beat me you know"
It held an ancient copy
Of "You can't Stop Mr Domino"

Ryan wouldn't let this stand
That game was better than the best
He decided that until the game was
Safe Ghost Fish would never rest

He shouted Hey everyone it's Tuesday
And it's time to get that fish right outta town
So he made a Giant Bomb
And rider-meet-horse, he climbed on down

The Taswell and the fish they stared
And on this went for days and days
Til o'er the hill came Ryan's posse
Whiskey came and everybody was amaze...d

He said Batm'n Batm'n Batm'n
And Whiskey backed their man in the fight
They fought alongside Davis
All day, but were victorious in the night

As if a single victory
Was not enough to satiate his hungry thirst
Ryan set out to right the wrongs, but make
The wrongdoers laugh their god damn pants off first

He was the victor against China,
He had Daytona USA
He shat all over Game Room,
And he conquered Dragon Ball Zay…

He won the Brono Trigger
He was better than FTL
He beat Mark of the Ninja
And he gave John Drake hell

But the final win for Davis
Was the greatest triumph off the charts
Unparalleled in everything
He won all of our souls and all our hearts

Ryan was a great man
Leaking happiness right up until the end
And though many never met him
We considered him… a friend

So Thank you Ryan Davis
You have filled our days and nights with endless glee
I hope you're up there in the Game Room
In the Sky enjoying Half Life 3

Thank you so much to everybody else as well, all the positive feedback here is amazing.

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@maddenedman: Thanks duder ... and sure hope Ryan knows how good Half Life 3 is :D \m/

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This is amazing! Wonderful song!

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Fucking rad.

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Hey man, this is pretty great. Thanks.

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Great Work man. I miss the big guy...

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Man, I miss that man.

Goddammit the end made me tear up.

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That was amazing dude. I hope one day I can buy you a beer for that. Or give you a hug. Or both, I dunno, I need a tissue.

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Man, this is fucking awesome.

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"Ryan was a great man; leaking happiness right up until the end."

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very awesome duder!

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Great song duder! It almost made me cry near the end.

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Beautiful work, I love your Outlaw Country sound.

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Holy shit dude. Them feels. They be feelin'

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That was really amazing.

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Incredible work.

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Marvelously done duder, a great piece for a great man.

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This is a work of art

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Holy shit son. That was mind blowing

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You magnificent son of a bitch. That just made my day.

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This is gold. Pure gold!

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Thank you for this.

We still miss you Ryan.

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Great song. No scratch that, Fantastic work duder! I love this kind of cowboy camp fire style of song. I can just see you riding around the old west singing tales of Ryan Davis and his posse.

Also, that laugh to end the song gave me major goosebumps!

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Awesome ballad dude.

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Thanks duders and dudettes for all the positivity. This thread is where I'll come when I need a reminder of good things.

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I don't know if I love the sound, but I really appreciate what you've done. Good job.

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Well this was just absolutely great.

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Happy birthday Mr. Ryan Davis.

The summer jams are playing extra loud for you this morning.


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Happy Birthday, Ryan

Hope you're loving everyday like it's tuesday and enjoying the plans that Patrick is writing up for Eric Pope

We miss ya, buddy <>

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Just a line to say - this is incredible. Superb work.

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Absolutely outstanding. Ryan would have loved this. n_n

Happy Birthday Ryan, you were, and still are, the greatest duder of them all.

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I was near tears throughout that whole wonderful piece dude. But those last three lines: Dude that choked me up proper

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Very heartfelt. Great song.

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Somewhere in the Neo Old West, the canon of oral tradition and "tall tales" grows by one.