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I'm working currently on making a food truck business. The main focus of the business would be selling nachos, so naturally when coming up with a name the best thing I came to was one of Ryan Davis' alter egos "Nacho Boss." I come you guys today to get some more opinions on the matter. I want to honor Ryan because he has made a huge impact on my life as well as most of yours. Would Ryan like this?

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Do it!

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Yes you should definitely do it. Ryan aside it is a great name for a nacho food truck, but of course that's a great touch.

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Nacho Boss is, undoubtedly, appropriate for any nacho-centric enterprise whether the Davester is involved or not.

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Even when putting the Ryan tribute aside, Nacho Boss would be a pretty cool name.

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Oh yes!

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Those nachos better be boss or the name won't work. Besides that, I say do it!

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Nacho Boss is too good a name to pass up, you better jump on it

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Nacho Boss is just an objectively good name. Go for it.

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I'd eat at a Nacho Boss, so yeah go for it.

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By eating the Nacho Boss, do I become the nacho boss? or the boss of nachos is the one who eats the Nacho boss. I just want clarity on my nacho to boss hierarchy here.

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Nacho Boss is a GREAT name for a food truck, go for it.

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Only if you have a mascot that IS the Nacho Boss.

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Hey duders, let's go down to Nacho Boss after work!


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As far as names go, that one is pretty great. The tribute makes it even better.

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That's a cool name. I would eat there.

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But every year you need to send 0.5% of your profits to the Davis family: idea tax

and you can't stop people other people outside your operating area from using the name either

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If I saw a food truck named Nacho Boss, I would buy the shit out of those nachos.

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Hell yeah, Nacho boss sounds awesome.

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That's sound perfect! Go for it.

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I don't like nachos but I like Nacho Boss.

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Yes. Nachos from Nacho Boss? Yes.

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Only if you're gonna use Ryan wearing a sombrero as a logo

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I would never stop going to a food truck named "Nacho boss".

So, no.

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YES. And the logo has to be Ryan in the sombrero. This is the best idea I've heard in forever.

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@hunter5024 said:

If I saw a food truck named Nacho Boss, I would buy the shit out of those nachos.

There is great truth to this post. Constant nachos.

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@wampa1: You become the Nacho Boss Boss

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That sounds like an excellent idea.

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YES. And the logo has to be Ryan in the sombrero. This is the best idea I've heard in forever.

Nacho Boss is an excellent name for, well, anything, but especially a nacho food truck. And I'm with this guy! You should incorporate the little sumbrero into your logo or food truck attire somehow.

Where are you setting up this magical sounding truck, if I may ask. I'd love to grab some 'chos once you've set up shop if you're anywhere near me!

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Cake boss.. Cake boss.

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I'd eat at this truck.

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@fapathy said:

I'd eat at this truck.

Ditto. I'd imagine that encountering a steaming hot Nacho Boss truck after a drunken night in the city would not end well for my wallet but would be pretty fantastic for my mouth.

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@sexytoad: Right now in my area the weather wouldn't be great for starting it up just yet, but come spring I should get it going.