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(Note: Check here for an intro and explanation.)

Everything can be traced back to the "How To Build A Bomb" series of videos. This contained the first incident, and although it was pulled down within seconds of being uploaded, Episode 11 made it's way into the hands of certain collectors. It fetches an ungodly amount of money in private (and insanely illegal) auctions. It is, as far as I can tell, the first conclusive evidence of otherworldly phenomena.

The only reason I can relay these events to you is because of an unnamed Matt Kessler who made me swear that I would keep his name out of it and instead use the pseudonym "Sue Pwallet". He found this video, as well as thousands of documents recording similar incidents, in a hard drive stuck in a vent behind Jeff Gerstmann's desk.

While I obviously can't just show you guys the video, I can at least describe the contents.


"It's a pawdcast", Jeff says in a fake drawl as the video starts. He's standing in the middle of the office, pointing at the area where the Bombcast is recorded. Clearly the tail end of an inside joke that they didn't bother to trim.

Ryan walks into frame with a silly grin. "Hey! So here's episode 11 of How to Build a Bomb! Today we're going to look at what a day at the office is like when the cameras aren't rolling."

From this point, the video switches from a handheld camera to something more like a surveillance camera (with sound). There's a lot of idle chatter amongst the crew, and long stretches of silence while work gets done. A little weird, but I like that they don't pretend that it's all zany fun writing about games. Brad is missing, buying food as is later apparent.

About thirty minutes in (the video is unedited... the first ultra-long Giant Bomb content, interestingly enough), I can see that something's not right. Vinny keeps glaring at Ryan. Not in a joking way; he seriously looks pissed. I jump as he loudly slams his fist onto his desk, stands up, and throws his chair at the wall. It bounces off, leaving a chip in the plaster.

"What the FUCK, Ryan?" is all I can make out. The rest of the argument is unintelligible beneath a low, droning hum that starts in.

Jeff collapses onto the floor while the fight continues. He begins rubbing his face on the carpet, hard enough to leave some terrible abrasions. At this point, I'm speechless. This makes no sense.

To add to the confusion, Brad returns to the office with some lunch. "IT'S HOT AND IT'S TASTY AND I SWEAR TO YOU THAT I WILL RIP YOU ALL APART IF YOU DO NOT EAT... RIGHT... NOW!", he screams.

The others mob him and tear into the sandwiches like wild dogs. Brad wipes his hands on his pants and proceeds to viciously scratch at the back of his neck, tearing flesh and exposing bone. He appears to be in unimaginable pain, but he just scratches harder and harder.

An hour in. Looking at the running time, the video seems to be nearing its conclusion, thankfully.

Without warning or reason, the damage is undone. No cuts, no sudden flashes or rewinds, just the nonexistence of what previously existed. Brad and Jeff are wound-free and calmly working, Vinny and Ryan are joking and laughing about Luchadeer. The hum is gone.

A tiny, bizarre sound plays from somewhere off-screen. End of video.


I played the last thirty seconds over and over, trying to make sense of that small sound. Finally, I slowed it down... It was a voice saying "ostensibly".

A portent of future events, I can only assume.

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Ha! fantastic!

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This is AWESOME, almost like a Giant Bomb version of Creepypasta!! More please.