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Hey yall, 
For many various reasons, I've decided it's time to take an indefinite WoW break, so Uncola will not be raiding for at least a few months. 
I have had an amazing time these past few months in Bomb Squad, talking to all of you awesome duders, and seeing some real raid progression to boot.  I will mss it quite a bit. 
While I'm sorry to deprive you all of your favorite kitty cat, I apologize most to the healers, who will no doubt become extremely bored not having to heal me from the brink of death every 30 seconds (Nye, you always knew just how to lifegrip me...). 
Anyway, I really do wish you guys all the best.  Amazing job on the Nef kill BTW.  I'll be dumping a bunch of trade goods in the gbank, but if anyone has a compelling need for like 500 embersilk cloth, let me know.  Also, if anyone needs any crafted leatherworking epics, I think I still have 2 orbs left, so I can make a belt or something if anyone needs. 
It's been an absolute pleasure, 

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@Dizzyhippos said:
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Gonna miss you, chap.  I'll hit Al'Akir in the face for you.

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@bcjohnnie: This break had be closer to less than a month than it is to multiple months. Or I'll find you and give you an atomic wedgie. Dont think I wont.
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You know how I feel about this already. Do what you must, and we'll welcome you back at any time.

Take care, Uncola.

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is someone gonna bother to brez uncola?

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When he learns to stop clicking on the boss before the pull. Sure.