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Hey guys!

I’ve been bouncing around a thought like this for a while, but only after recently re-watching the Game Room Quick Looks while working on another game did I have the idea.

I wanted to make a Giant Bomb game. Specifically, I wanted to make a tribute to Ryan Davis as a way of saying ‘thanks’ to him, to the other guys, and to the community who inspired me with all the wonderful things they make to show their love for the website. I’m not the most active member of the community, but it’s always entertaining and heart warming, while Jeff, Vinny and the guys have helped me through some rough stuff, and kept me sane on those long, quiet nights of game making/drawing/eating ice cream. I’d already had a particularly terrible year leading up to Ryan’s passing and, like for many of you, that hurt me a lot more than I thought the passing of a ‘stranger’ ever could.

So yeah! I made a game! If you cast your mind back to the Game Room Quick Look where they took a look at Keystone Kapers, the entire genesis of the project came from there. So to be reductive, the game is a Keystone Kapers clone. But! I’ve sprinkled it with a bunch of Giant Bomb jokes & tributes young and old - from Ghost Fish to Famicom Tapes, Space Neon Lobsters to Ryan’s um, ‘interest’ in cake that he divulged during the GDC 2013 After Hours show.

A box has shown up in the mail and everyone’s gathered to film a mailbag, but they’re waiting on Ryan. He needs to run & jump his way to the top to meet with the others and find out what’s in the package. The game loops like all the best Atari games did, while getting progressively harder. And again, like Atari games, you’ve seen pretty much everything by screen 4 or 5. After that it’s all about score! :)

I’d shown it to Patrick earlier this week as I was wondering how/when to release it, and if it’d be a weird conflict of interests or something if I put it out. When Patrick offered to ‘debut’ it on Worth Playing I was, of course, over the moon! So here we are with my silly little Giant Bomb game. Unfortunately it’s currently only available for Windows. Sorry Gaben. :(

You can download it here - http://gamejolt.com/games/arcade/mailbag-mayhem-staring-ryan-davis-the-bomb-crew/22277/

If you want download it and give it a go - please do! And thanks to you, thanks to the guys at Giant Bomb, and fuck thanks Ryan Davis. I miss him.

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Great work!

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Awesome, duder.

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Short, simple and fun. I loved it. A lot of the references were great, and was a neat tribute to be sure.

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This is incredible and touching. Congrats and good luck on your unfinished game !

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This is great. Thanks for making this.

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I love the art. Obviously inspired by Keystone Kapers and Activision Atari games in general, but the characters also have a great Sierra vibe, like the first Police/Space/King's Quest games and Leisure Suit Larry.

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I honestly cant tell who all of the people on top are supposed to be. I obviously see Jeff, Vinny, Brad, and Patrick. Maybe even Alexis. Who are the others and in what order?

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Well done duder. Watching Patrick play this resurfaced how much I miss the damn guy. Good show.

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@flacracker: Alexis, Dave, Rorie, Alex, Patrick, Drew, Brad, Vinny, Jeff.

Again, this is wonderful. Well done duder.

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This was really nice. A great tribute.

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Thanks everyone, so much. I've been overwhelmed by the response this little game has received, and so lucky to be involved in a community like this. Yesterday was a surreal day for me to be sure, but I am glad it all happened. It really shows how close this website has made us all, and how much we all miss Ryan..

I think I'll do a little update to the game at some point in the future, hopefully just to make Alexis and Rorie more visible. Those are the two duders that people are having the most trouble with, and I felt so bad watching UPF when Alexis said 'you guys are all in it', not realising he was in it, too!

But that won't be for a few days. I need a little distance from the game for a bit as it was kind of emotionally draining to work on.

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I've put together a port of Mailbag Mayhem for OS X. I only have my one laptop, so it hasn't undergone extensive testing of any sort. It's wrapped using Wineskin so it's a bit bigger than it ought to be (only like 50x larger than the windows version!) but it runs pretty well (I hope!). @mutenmiller plans on putting it up on the Game Jolt page, but until then, you can find it here:

Mailbag Mayhem for OS X

Probably don't try it on a really old version of OS X. It should work with no problems on 10.8 and 10.9, but I'm not going to make any guarantees for OS X 10.7 or earlier. If you run into any problems message me here or on Twitter @buffaloseven.

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