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So as a new year's resolution I decided to start drawing again as it used to be my favorite hobby for most of my life but I fell out of habit during college and drew next to nothing in the past decade or so. Since I got an iPad Air and a somewhat decent stylus recently I figured I'd start doodling again, but it's been hard to find inspiration and enthusiasm to do so.

To help with that I've been creating goals every week. This week I'm hoping to draw something about Spelunking with Scoops, Load Our Last Souls and Breaking Brad: Volgarr the Viking, and since I know I'll quickly give up on this if I spend too much time on a drawing I'm giving myself a maximum of 2 hours to work on each and am committed to post it here in whatever state it's in when the time's up.

So here's the first: Spelunking With Scoops and Anubis

Not happy with the way I drew Anubis and couldn't find a good way to make Scoops look like he was coming out of a teleport, but hey, one down two to go...

Load Our Last Souls: Power Within

Armor ended up looking more like the Catalina set than Havel's. The two cherub-like silhouettes near Vinny's shoulders were supposed to be Ian and Rorie, but I ran out of time to draw them.

Breaking Brad: Victory Pose

So I was going for a Conan the Barbarian type of drawing, but I think it ended up looking more like the cover of a softcore women's novel (I was going to name this "The Serpent Slayer" too, which would make it even weirder). If I had more time I'd probably have buffed him up since Volgarr looks really jacked in-game and would have reworked the spear so it looked less like a walking stick.

Tried giving Brad a beard too, but then he started to look even less like Brad than he does now.

Whatever. 3 for 3, mission accomplished.

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Nicely done! Looking forward to seeing the rest =]

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Nice! With all three of those features, you could do a cool thing drawing two contrasting images for each. One where the duder is in full on despair after the game fucked them for the millionth time, and another in maximum elation having finally beat the damn thing.

And best of luck keeping to your goal. I think sharing what you set out to create with others is a great motivation. It's relatively easy to let yourself slide if it's just something in a sketchbook, but if you know someone is anticipating something from you, the pressure (hopefully in a positive way) is on.

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@fobwashed: Thanks.

@joshwent: Good idea on the contrasting images, I might do something like that later. And yeah, making my resolution public was my way of keeping it going for a while longer since I was already starting to slip when it was just me and a sketchbook. Doesn't help that I don't really think drawing on an iPad is a very good experience, but it's at least more readily available than analog tools on my day to day.

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You should draw some of the highlights from LoLS like Vinny getting kicked off the edge by a giant skeleton.

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@golguin: Man, wish I thought about it before. Would've made the layout much easier.