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Troidy was amazing enough to make us a website and forums that we can call home instead of bugging Andy or Larso to have new people that may stop playing the next day get access to our private forums here.

The site is http://bombsquad.guildomatic.com/

Please go there and register with your IN GAME (MAIN) name. That is VERY key.

As such I will not be using this forum anymore to post information for guildies. Troidy has already started posting raid information at the new site. I will talk with our officers and have them start posting guild relevant information on that site. Its amazing we have this secret forum, but even more so that Andy has put up with it this long. Lets not out last our welcome.

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Done, you can fine me as Babble on the new forums.

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Your MAINS in-game name, how much more specific do I have to make it for you people. *Glares at Lwyll*

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@troidy: well maybe I'm making my rogue my main now. (serious about this unless a second mage is REALLY necessary)
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@adoggz well your mage is the officer, so if you want officer forum access you have to be under that name, I already fixed it

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@troidy: oh thaknks then