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Really cool. The song's been used a billion times but it was awesome.

Not to mention, I saw my user name in the Twisted Metal TNT ending at 1:18 :)

#53 Posted by Zaccheus (1788 posts) -

Good stuff. Patrick has brought so much to GB... Really makes me wonder what it will be like without him in the office.

#54 Posted by Wraith1 (555 posts) -

Besides that over used song, you did some awesome work on that video

#55 Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff (5380 posts) -

I made my own version of the video. Hope you all like it.

Also, this is my first action as a 25-year-old. Happy Birthday to me!

#56 Posted by Milkman (16527 posts) -

I actually think this one works remarkably well. Also, it's a total "Patrick" song.


#57 Posted by LoveSpuds (114 posts) -

Awwww, if I was in Patrick's shoes and saw that video I would have to change my mind :`)

#58 Posted by Patman99 (1558 posts) -

Aw, that was amazing.

Goodbye, Patrick. If you ever read this, please remember this piece of wisdom past to me from an old wise man: Bears suck, Bulls suck, 'Hawks suck, Cubs suck.

Until we get to see those curls again, goodbye and good luck.

#59 Posted by RPGee (759 posts) -

A very good video, despite the song as everyone has pointed out. Good work, duder.

And since I know this isn't goodbye for Klepek, I'll just leave it as: Enjoy your new digs. I'll see you again real soon, I bet.

#60 Posted by JouselDelka (967 posts) -

The video was nice, and I love that song, you made it fit well.

However I gotta say, you guys collectively behave as if you're friends with the site crew, it's weirding me out tbh. They don't know who any of us are, we don't know each other, we visit here to watch and read their content on video games, they're not your friends..

Anyway, nice video.

#61 Posted by budgietheii (155 posts) -

Good work duder :)

#62 Posted by cloudnineboya (764 posts) -

touching and i will miss his hair.

#63 Posted by Humanity (8810 posts) -

Rest in Peace Patrick, hopefully you will never have to hear that Greenday song ever again

#64 Posted by jimmy_p (278 posts) -

NOTE: Patrick died on the way back to his home planet

RIP 2011-2013

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@charlesalanratliff: Why did you make it so SAD!!!!! dude if Patrick is sat in Chicago watching these he is going to be cut deep!

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Yea thanks now I'm bummed out but it was really well done. He looks so young in some of those clips but it's only 2 years ago, I guess that beard does make him look older.

edit: I see some people re-edited the song from the video, now someone just needs to change it to "Kanye West - Power" and it's going to be perfect.

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Good video mate. It took me a while to come around on Patrick but now that he is gone I'm gonna miss seeing him around the office.

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He'll be back.


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@jbird said:

@charlesalanratliff: Why did you make it so SAD!!!!! dude if Patrick is sat in Chicago watching these he is going to be cut deep!

He was a good man.

#73 Posted by IronScimitar (479 posts) -

Relocate In Peace.

#74 Posted by Nux (2305 posts) -

Very well done. I hope @patrickklepek knows about this. If not he should.

#75 Posted by Oldirtybearon (4594 posts) -

I didn't particularly like Patrick at first. I think I was one of his most vocal detractors. I even got pretty mean about it on occasion. I was a shit head.

Klepek's grown on me in the last year, though. I'm not sure where it started, but I like him a lot these days. His Spookin With Scoops feature is probably my favourite piece of premium video on the site, and he's gotten a lot better at expressing his opinions without being dismissive of other perspectives. That's something a lot of people have a hard time with, myself included. It's so easy to just dismiss what other people say as bullshit. It's far too easy to hand wave other perspectives with "whatever, video games". Klepek gives a shit, though. His honesty and his enthusiasm for the medium is something anybody here could appreciate.

Christ it sounds like I'm eulogizing the guy.

Anyway, It's just shitty because now that he's an integral part of the Giant Bomb machine, he's gone. Hopefully we still get those Q&A videos and Spookin.

#76 Posted by hustlerlt (297 posts) -

I already miss Patrick. Some people really hated him and I still don't know why.

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This video proves that Patrick with goatee >>>>>>> Patrick without goatee

#79 Posted by lightsoda (540 posts) -

That was beautiful ;_;

#80 Posted by Claude (16254 posts) -

Damn, did the dude die or something?

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Excellent video, duder! I, like all of you, are going to miss Patrick around the office. But, he's doing what's best for him and his family and nobody can fault him for that. I'm curious/excited to see what Patrick and Alex can come up with for new content now. The talk of that morning show has me really excited.

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I was stoked to watch this video until I heard the music. Watching it on mute.

#83 Posted by Deranged (1837 posts) -

That was very well done mate! Sad to see Patrick leave, but it was incredible of you to do this for him!

#84 Posted by TehBuLL (593 posts) -

Bravo. Now we're stuck with a bunch of old dudes again.

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I can't tell if Patrick is going to Chicago or he died.

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Awesome video, got a little choked up as well. Great job with the editing and segment choices.

#88 Posted by Glottery (1109 posts) -

Just switch the song to Sia's "Breathe Me" and it'll definetly be a memorial video instead! But yeah, maybe it was a bit too sappy (though I've never heard that song before myself) but it was still nicely put-together.

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@typographenia: Genuinely well done. Bravo man, I haven't enjoyed a Green Day song since '99.

Thanks for putting this together.

[ you play a beautiful melody on the flute ]

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Ughhhh Green Day.

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If I learned anything here, its that keeping the facial hair was a good call.

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Honestly Patrick has a rough start but that fro grows on ya man

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Great video, really (un)predictable song choice but still a fitting tribute. We'll miss you Tricky.

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What are the scenes in with Patrick smashing the drywall or in a setup with a band and move controllers? I must have missed those.

#98 Posted by Barnold (3 posts) -

Well that was weirdly depressing!!!

#99 Posted by MAJID (208 posts) -

This video is awesome and I'm seriously missing Klepek :(

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Hurray! You included some of the Whiskey Media stuff, awesome. I highly approve of the video and your editing skills, good work.

All being well Patrick will return to record some stuff, including but not limited to GOTY videos.