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#102 Posted by Typographenia (57 posts) -

@marino: Oh wow, thanks, and thanks to everyone's kind words here. : )

@thethirdrlm It's from a youtube video gamespot put up from when the GB staff arrived at CBSi, and they were knocking down some walls.

#103 Posted by spankingaddict (2655 posts) -

Patrick is the best in the world .

#104 Posted by spankingaddict (2655 posts) -

Where's the video of them playing with the PS Move . I'd love to see that !

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Sure it's an obvious pick for the song, but it works and hats off duder

#106 Posted by JonnyBlunts (20 posts) -

@milkman said:

I actually think this one works remarkably well. Also, it's a total "Patrick" song.


I liked this one a lot too. LOST man, LOST.

#107 Posted by ThePickle (4153 posts) -

I'm not crying... it's just been raining on my face.

Seriously excellent work duder.

#108 Posted by benpicko (1979 posts) -

@claude said:

Damn, did the dude die or something?

Yeah :'( RIP in piece, Tricky.

#109 Posted by csl316 (7968 posts) -

Hopefully he doesn't show up here on Friday, because the Hawks victory parade is taking over the city. He'll come back to a madness!!

#110 Posted by EvGar (131 posts) -

What was the video of everyone holding move controllers and (what I assume to be) Alex carrying Patrick like a battering ram? That, and what was the demolition part?

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@evgar: The first one you are talking about I think is from The Big Live Live Show: Live #1 when they were playing Johann Sebastian Joust. As for when it happened I don't recall. And the second one I have no idea.

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That was pretty moving. ;_;

#113 Posted by Sticky_Pennies (2019 posts) -

Everyone's choices of music are so depressing!

#114 Posted by HellknightLeon (446 posts) -

Wait Patrick was not an intern? Wow... man I feel bad now... another question... is he dead now? The video make it feel like he is dead... that and my God do I hate that song. I feel like if its for GB it needs to be Boys2men.

(Cool video going to miss Patrick. Wish him the best!)

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Damn. I'm gonna miss having him on. I've grown so used to him.

#116 Edited by MarkWahlberg (4577 posts) -

Great job, duder! However, something seems... lacking...

@charlesalanratliff said:

I made my own version of the video. Hope you all like it. Also, this is my first action as a 25-year-old. Happy Birthday to me!

No, that's not quite right either...

Ah, yes. This is more like it:

(Please don't hate me)

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#119 Posted by onimonkii (2429 posts) -

now make one for brad

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#121 Posted by ptys (1868 posts) -

Good times, nice video.

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Damn, I'm gonna miss Scoops around the office. I really hope he keeps up with the content from chicago. I still wanna see Spookin with scoops and niche stuff with games like 999 and Virtue's Last reward. Someone has to speak for the minority on GB and that's patrick's forte.

Good video bye the way. Never heard the song, so I don't really care about the cliched perception.

#124 Posted by minivan (172 posts) -

I think Jeff said it best on tumblr:

I’m happy/jealous that he has priorities in his life that don’t involve this job. I want to be more like Patrick when I grow up.

Me too, man.

#125 Edited by golguin (3832 posts) -

I always hear that song around graduation time. Now it feels like Patrick graduated.

#126 Posted by ajamafalous (11809 posts) -

Great editing OP; must've taken a while to scour through all that footage. Definitely some good memories in there along with some things I'd never seen before (like Alex carrying Patrick in JSJ).

Also, lol at everyone complaining about the song. I don't like Green Day in the least, but the song choice is perfectly fitting for the purpose of the video.

However I gotta say, you guys collectively behave as if you're friends with the site crew, it's weirding me out tbh. They don't know who any of us are, we don't know each other, we visit here to watch and read their content on video games, they're not your friends..

You know, looking at your join date makes me think you're a relatively new visitor (apologies if you're not), in which case I can totally understand why you'd feel that way. It was a different time in 08-09, and those of us that were around for everything then (from photobombs in convenience stores to flea bombs on couches) probably still feel a lot closer to the crew than anyone joining within the last couple years would.

#127 Posted by Popogeejo (601 posts) -

I forgot just how young Patrick can look at times. Seriously, there are clips where it looks like one of guys brought their 14 year old nephew in for the day.

Have fun in Chicago.

#128 Posted by Jackel2072 (2235 posts) -

sorry you lost me the moment that green day song started playing. real nice sentiment, but god damn that song is the worst!

#129 Posted by dr_mantas (1761 posts) -

That was AMAZINGLY well done. The editing, the song also worked with it.

Patrick really did add a lot to Giant Bomb. Too bad he won't be adding as much from now on.

#130 Posted by peterh (52 posts) -

Funny enough, that's the only song by Greenday that I DON'T hate.

Great video!

#131 Posted by mrfluke (5048 posts) -

I edited together a video to celebrate some of Patrick's best moments on camera at the GB offices, and I wanted to share it with everyone. I know it feels really sappy and probably more sad than I meant it to, but it was fun to make.

Best wishes to Patrick in Chicagoland. : )

tagging @patrickklepek to this post

#132 Posted by Pezen (1550 posts) -

Great video and editing, I actually am not dead tired of that song surprisingly.

Also, that youtube doubler thing made me do my own version that others tried. I think it works extremely well.

Patrick vs The Warriors

#133 Posted by srk_mcrae (14 posts) -

Awesome video for an awesome guy. Gonna miss patrick's contributions a lot... Don't always agree with his opinions ( fuck Yoshi's Island) ,but he's such an enthusiastic guy. Seeya Scoops

#134 Posted by Anupsis (282 posts) -

Welp, gonna go cry in the corner now.....

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#136 Posted by Brackynews (4037 posts) -

This is the Alec Guinness of staff tribute videos.

Genuine Class.

#137 Posted by MEATBALL (3016 posts) -

Hahaha, excellent, terrible song choice. :P

Man, I'm going to miss Patrick being in the office.

#138 Edited by Graylend (52 posts) -

Shit man. Got me too.

You ain't leaving or anything, but I'll miss you kickin' it with the rest of the Bomb Squad.

Peace, Scoops.

#139 Posted by OrangeSponge (53 posts) -

Bye, Scoops.

#140 Posted by WrenchNinja (223 posts) -

Ugh, he's not dying geez.

I'm not getting emotional over someone just moving to another city while still working for the site.

Nope. Not falling for this sentimental nonsense.

Not falling for it.

Oh who am I kidding. ;_;

#141 Posted by DragonNinja789 (335 posts) -

Damn bro, those feels.

#142 Posted by PatchMaster (194 posts) -

That was pretty awesome. So many feels.

#143 Edited by blacklab (1522 posts) -

Confirmed. That song still makes me want to kick a cat.

Well edited though.

#144 Posted by chikin_n_rofls (138 posts) -

Nicely done, duder.

#145 Posted by Ravelle (1169 posts) -

Bravor, sir! Amazing put together video, the video makes me miss him more though.

#146 Posted by HurricaneIvan29 (517 posts) -

Not sure what's worse, using that song in montages, or that Graduation song by Vitamin C....

#147 Posted by MetalGearSunny (6986 posts) -

Great job, duder! However, something seems... lacking...

No, that's not quite right either...

Ah, yes. This is more like it:

(Please don't hate me)

This one made me cry

#148 Posted by manbot47 (209 posts) -

The song is just cheesy and cliche enough to work; good job

#149 Posted by divakchopra (86 posts) -

Where is Patrick going?

#150 Posted by Nivash (241 posts) -