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At this time during the fall season the gaming industry is in full swing many of big name games are coming out such as GTA, Battlefield, and add on top of that the fact two new consoles are being release. There's a lot to grab your attention and unfortunately some of the smaller stuff weather it's this year or last just get push to the side to never be seen from again. Well instead of me hopping on the next-gen hype train or talking about the big releases of this year I'm gonna scale it back and talk about three smaller games that may have flew under your radar.

Super House of Dead Ninjas $6.99 USD

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First up is a game from Adult swim which has made quite the rep these days as a indie publisher. "Super House of Dead Ninjas" is a vertical platformer were you plays as a female ninja who's task is to find out what's up with the spooky tower and all those who have enter before her. The graphics of the game invokes a Super Nintendo game with the difficulty to boot. The game will punish reckless play, but awards precise reactions a la "Super Meat Boy" you have full control of the avatar at all times, but be quick and nimble or best kiss your butt goodbye. When you go deeper in to the tower you'll start to unravel the mystery behind it all the while completing challenges to unlock new skins, weapons, and gear. If your looking for a though platformer then you can't go wrong with this plus there's DLC.

No time to Explain $9.99 USD

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Second on list is "No Time to Explain". This game is a puzzle platformer with a ridiculous sense of humor in which you play different versions of yourself to stop a evil version of..well..yourself through time and space. The look may remind you of a something on newgrounds with it's cartoon flash visuals, but what the game lacks in visuals it makes up in style and gameplay. Whenever you enter a world it will open with a cut scene which by the way are hilarious explain the rules of the world and by rules I mean the mechanic to get you the the next set of levels. They game can be challenging fortunately the punishment is minimal just resting you that last place you were standing on. There are a bunch of unlockables in from of hats which in some case completely replaces the characters head. I recommend this if your looking for a funny challenging puzzle platformer.

Super Amazing Wagon Adventure $2.99

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The last game on the list is called "Super Amazing Wagon Adventure" it's a satire on the "Oregon trail" series. The look of the game falls along the line of a commodore 64 game and the gameplay alternates from being a dual stick shooter like "Robotron" to a shoot'em up like "R-type". You and your group which can be customize to be whoever you want only have one goal and that is to make it to the end. Simple enough right? Well instead of worrying about food and dysentery you need to worry about ninjas and the physical manifestations of your inner demons. To say this game has a sense of humor is an understatement, but the thing is to truly appreciate how absurd the game is to play it and may I recommend to play it along with others. The game doesn't have any multiplayer it's one of those games were one can play while others sit back and enjoy this insane voyage you have embark. Out of all the games I strongly recommend everyone checking this title out.

If none of these games jump out to you I still urge everyone to take a look at the indie section on whatever device you do most of your gaming on. There are awesome titles out there that don't have the marketing push that some of the bigger titles do. You may need to put a little effort on your part, but trust me you won't be disappointed.