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Well 2013 is over and I wanted to make a list of games I really enjoyed over this year. Usually a lot of sites and individuals make their “top list” near the end of the year, but I was busy with visiting family and what not so I haven’t had a chance to get around to doing this until now, but hey better now than never right?...right? Anyway as usual at this time nothing is coming out game wise so take a gander at my list. Maybe you’ll find something that will hold you over till the next big release on your gaming calendar.

Risk of Rain

Developer: Hopoo Games

Steam store page:

Risk of Rain was one of those games that really scratch my grinding itch, but what I really enjoyed was the presentation the world was very mysterious the soundtrack is incredible and on top of that the game is great to play solo or coop. There’s a lot I can say about this game, but I already did in my “IMO’ here’s the link:

Ridiculous fishing

Developer: Vlambeer

Android store page:

iOS store page:

This game is awesome. Ridiculous fishing is a simple game with a lot of depth (no pun intended). There are tons to unlock and a whole lot more to laugh about. This is a fantastic little title to have on your android/ios devices.


Developer: NetherRealm Studios

Steam store page:

Available on Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, WiiU

Now when I heard NetherRealm was making a DC fighter I was cautiously optimistic. Then my worries faded away once I played the game. The single player content is fun, the online isn't broken, and the mechanics are simple to get into, but deep enough were you can spend hours pulling off complex combos. Overall this is a fantastic fighter.

Grand theft auto 5

Developer: Rockstar North

Available on Xbox 360, PS3

This game is the most ambitious game I've played in a while. The whole idea behind the game was nuts and the fact that Rockstar north pulled it off is even more so. The online is alright, but don’t let that stop you from the superb single player.

Rogue legacy

Developer: Cellar Door Games

Steam store page:

Rogue legacy is a awesome throwback to old metroidvania games of the 90's, but unlike those old titles it dose it with a rouge like twist. The gameplay loop is addictive to say the least with every run getting you closer to unlocking a new ability or class. Just like Risk of Rain this is another title I found myself coming back to over and over again.

Bioshock Infinite

Developer: Irrational Games

Steam store page:

Available on Xbox 360, PS3

The story and world Irrational created is unique and nothing like I’ve have seen before. The combat is slick and responsive as for the presentation it’s top notch. There may be some plot holes here and there, but if you don’t nit-pick the story at every turn. You’ll find an insane rollercoaster ride in a more insane world.


Developer: DrinkBox Studios

Steam store page:

Available on PS3, Vita

Another take on the metroidvania formula Guacamelee blends its fun combat and thrilling platforming with an incredible world filled with hilarious characters. What I loved most about this game is its flow. The game gradually teaches you new abilities that will help you master the platforming which will become more challenging especially if you trying to complete the game fully, also there is co-op so yay for that.

A ride into the mountains

Developer: Chia-Yu Chen & Lee-Kuo Chen

Android store page:

iOS store page:

That's right another android/ios game that made it to my list. A ride to the mountains is a across between angry bird’s and shadow of the colossuses. The game play is simple, but the story is epic. This is a hidden gem that all android/ios users should not overlook.

Ok well there you have it folk’s my list of games you guys should check out of 2013. Again this isn’t really a “top whatever” list it’s just some recommendations.

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Heard a lot about Risk of Rain, but I haven't tried it yet. Need to rectify that, I guess!