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First things first. Bomb Squad is not primarily a raiding guild. That said, there is a group of people that wants to experience the end-game raiding content in this game in the guild. I have been sort of pushed into the position of leading this group, since I have experience from raiding regularly on my main server. While we are in no way a hardcore raid team, everyone who comes still needs to bring their A Game, so we can move through our bosses quickly and in an orderly fashion.  What follows is a basic outline of how our raids work on a day to day basis. 

  • Size: We run a 10-man raid team. This is by no means a final number, if by some miracle we get enough for a 25-man we can do that, but as of now, it's 10.    
  • Schedule: We attempt to raid on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings at 9:00 PM server time . If we're just short of a group, we tend to wait for another half hour, but we would really prefer to start on time.
  • Raid Invites: We determine who gets a raid invite on a day to day basis. If you sign up for the raid, you have priority, but the number one priority remains the raid composition. If a DPS is signed up, but we need a healer that didn't sign up, we're taking that healer.    
  • Loot: Open Rolls for the most part, but any final say on loot is held by raid leaders, depending on things like attendance, the level of necessity a character has for a piece of loot, or the needs of the raid group as a whole.
  • Consumables: I provide cauldrons with the gold procured from selling BoE epics we get during raids. However this fund does run dry, at which point you are responsible for your own flasks. Also, you are always responsible for your own food, as I dont really have the time to farm that stuff, or enough gold to buy it, at least until we get the ability to use fish feasts.
  • Addons: There is no way that I could possibly enforce an addon requirement. But I would like to strongly suggest that you pick up some sort of encounter addon, such as Deadly Boss Mods or  BigWigs Bossmods, it makes everyone's job a lot easier.
  • Communication: I use Mumble to effectively lead raids. I honestly don't care if you can talk or not, but you being able to hear me is a relatively key part of being able to perform your job.
General Resources for Raiding 
  • Our World of Logs Page - Contains all our raid parses. See what went wrong, if you broke a record, or just check out your DPS E-Peen size.
  • Tankspot Raid Guides - By far the most comprehensive guides to raid Bosses in existence
  • Mr. Robot - Probably the easiest to use theorycrafting tool out there to optimize your toon. Be careful though, it can be sort of janky when it comes to certain stats like hit and haste.
  • Rawr - More Theorycrafting. Great if they support your class
  • simulationcraft - If Rawr doesnt support your class, this is the only other way to go
Cauldron Supply Status 
  •  Well stocked. I have plenty of cauldrons, with a solid amount of BoE money remaining to spend on more.
  • 11/12 Normal (Conclave of Wind, Halfus, Omnotron, Magmaw, Maloriak, Valiona/Theralion, Atramedes, Chimaeron, Twilight Ascendant Council, Cho'Gall, Nefarian)
  • 1/13 Heroic (Halfus)
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Bumped for Prosperity.

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Great job tonight! Nef is down!