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I don't write much. I dip my toe into the forums every once in a while but I'm certainly not a known quantity around here but I've been around since the beginning.

That said I had to come here now, and just type something.

Back in '08 I never heard of Ryan. Jeff was let go from Gamespot and I'd heard of that and followed all that news to the creation of Giant Bomb and loved the coverage and general nonsense of the site in general. And after all these years, me sitting at my computer or on the couch watching the videos with this dude hosting something nearly every-friggen day has become so normal to my day-to-day routine... that when I saw today's news it was not unlike a close family member passing. It was hard to hear and my first reaction was to assume the headline was a cruel joke (the headline was the only thing loading at the time since the site was getting hammered with visits.) and that Ryan was merely leaving the site to go do other awesome stuff or just be with his new wife.

Obviously this isn't the case and now I'm sitting here typing this blog... feeling a little silly for feeling so miserable about a dude I never met or knew at all. Feeling a little silly because people like his wife, Jeff and all the other people that actually knew him are obviously feeling a hundred times worse...

My thoughts to everyone that knew him, to everyone that shared in his awesomeness. And to the people like me who only knew him through a computer monitor... This place will never be the same, but Summerjams are forever.

Sorry this is so sappy and whatnot, I'm sure he'd hate this shit lol...

I'm gonna go watch that Kirby's Epic Yarn Quick Look again :P

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Sad day duder. A sad sad day

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Sad day duder. A sad sad day