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After a sleepless night, I was fully prepared to suffer through the day long enough to get back home and go back to sleep. A simple plan that was thwarted by the most terrible, horrible, heart breaking news I never, EVER expected to see.

Ryan Davis (of Giant Bomb) has died.

He was 34 years old. Making his death even more unfair was the fact that he had just gotten married to a special someone. Following his antics on Giant Bomb, one of the best gaming websites in the industry, and spending every Tuesday/Wednesday listening to the Giant Bombcast, news of his death hit me really hard. I normally don't pay mind to celebrity deaths but after today, I can truthfully say that I now know how other people feel in times like this. As much as it pains me to grieve over such a sad loss, I cannot fathom how the Giant Bomb family must be feeling right now and my thoughts go out to them.

Moving on is going to be difficult for awhile. Not hearing Ryan on the Bombcast, Quick Looks, Game of the Year videos and E3 shenanigans will only make me realize that he is truly gone. However, I recognize that this is a time for reflection and to remember the joy and happiness he brought to gaming journalism.

Goodbye, Ryan. I didn't know you personally, but I feel as though I lost a very dear friend.

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I feel the same way duder.

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