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That is adorable and horrifying.

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That's awesome!

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My only critique is Ryan Davis doesn't wear long pants. Other then that pretty damn good.

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Christmas tree ornament. Or Christmas tree topper.

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That looks like it could be a character from Wreak-It-Ralph. Love it!

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Fuckin' love it. Nice work!

As someone mentioned I would give him shorts instead of pants.

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That looks like it could be a character from Wreak-It-Ralph. Love it!

Exactly what I thought.

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Wreck it Ralph Ryan Figurine? If so...,how much?

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Good job. Id say the more iconic Ryan getup would be khaki shorts and a blue shirt. But beyond that its pretty great. Would be fantastic if someone could animate something with it.

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What I wouldn't do to get my hands on a working rig of that

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Who's got a 3D printer??


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Makes me wish a Ryan Davis bobblehead existed with memorable quotes from the Bombcast when you'd shake it.

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Very great. Closest I'll get to an actual Ryan doll or plushie I suppose.

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If someone rigged it and popped it in a game, even just a little sandbox thing just to run around in that would be rather awesome

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Man, this is some great work!

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I kinda want to get a garden, just to have that as my garden gnome.