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Its odd when a writer you like passes away, as Ryan has, i haven’t been a member of Giant Bomb very long, but i have been digging the site for a while, and have made up time by watching old TNT, and other live shows.

That fact that i am so profoundly upset, yet haven’t met him or even known of him very long is at odds with the void that i know he has left. I suppose it ultimately comes down to this- Ryan, along with the rest of the staff has been with me for at least 3 hours a week for the past 3 years. It really sad to think that a part of the team i loved is gone, that the dynamic has permanently changed, and how terrible it must feel to be in the office without him, because, every video i watched, every I love Mondays, every mailbag, it was clear how happy Ryan was, just to be there with his friends, doing what he loved.

So for as much as it sucks for us, i am so, so sorry for the gents in the office, i cannot imagine.

Hey everybody…its Tuesday.