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Update: Pictures are now private.

Taken by Tested's Norman Chan.

Warning, certain pictures may radically change your idea of Ryan being an asshole to an asshole that feels love.

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Feels weird watching someone's personal wedding photo's but that looked like a great and wonderful happening!

#3 Posted by The_Laughing_Man (13629 posts) -

The babies have gotten so big!

#4 Posted by Sooty (8082 posts) -

I find it very weird to see Ryan standing up

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I'm a huge fan of "Aviators" Shoemaker. And of course Drake has a literal tub of Diet Coke.

Man, look at that nervous smile on Ryan's face. Good on you, duder! Happiness to you and yours!

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Aww those are some nice photos! :D Congrats Ryan!

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Jeff is looking baller and Max totally looks like a tiny Vinny.

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Norm is a good photographer.

Great to see the guys have a good time.

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I love how John Drake has a wheel barrel full of Diet Cokes

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what is with people doing the robot at weddings, looking at you ryan. congratulations you look boss and your wife looks beautiful.

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Looks fun... and surprisingly rural/country lol. I would've thought that was a Texas wedding not SF.

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Great photos!

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I feel slightly like a creeper at the moment.

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That is awesome. All the guys looking dapper and the ladies looking fabulous. Seems like it was an awesome time, congrats to Ryan.

#15 Posted by Clonedzero (4200 posts) -

Yeah, its pretty damn creepy people are looking up his wedding photos. But whatever I don't really care.

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Max looks SO MUCH like Vinny.

Beautiful wedding. Exactly how I would've done it. Good job!

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Ryan is looking super dapper!

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Brad looks like he is going to arrest somebody any minute

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That was amazing. And the BABIES! SO. MANY. BABIES! Congrats to Ryan and Anna again!

PS: The photo with the "summer jams" says that Ryan's name is "Ryan Thomas Davis". And there was I, thinking he was actually called Ryan Taswell Davis. Derp.

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Man, that wedding looked amazing and beautiful. Also, Johnny V looked hella fly

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Max looks SO MUCH like Vinny.

I thought so too.

Looks like it was a really nice wedding.

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A Ryan Davis with feelings? I just don't know...

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Damn, so weird. I have been listening to these guys and following them since 2002 back on the old Gamespot, back when Ryan and Jeff did fucked up shit to their hair. Now looking at these really made me smile. I don't know em, but they have provided so much entertainment to me, I can't help but be happy for them all.

And shit son, Jeff looks fly as fuck!

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Well then, I guess I'll be the first one to do this.

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The one with Drake next to a pale of beer was my favorite

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And Max is literally the Mini-Me version of Vinny. Mini-Vinny.

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That is a hell of a lot of summer jam.

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Looks like a great day for all involved, glad they had some good weather for it.

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Someone should have filmed that Johnny V-Ryan dance off.

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It's weird seeing wedding pictures of a guy I've never met, and knowing who the subject of like every picture is.

I'm assuming this is a special WHISKEY MEDIA selection, but still.

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Literal summer jams, Ryan? :D

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I'm just going to assume Jeff is passed out somewhere and that's why he isn't in the photos. Or he's still learning how to tie a tie to this day.

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Max is definitely a Vinny-ature. Glad that Karen Snider was there to help fun-gineer the whole affair. Looked like a sweltering but enjoyable day for everyone.

Congrats to Ryan and the missus!

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"The realest summer jams." Heh.

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If I'm seeing it correctly Ryan and Johnny V are having a dance off at one point. I'm just grinning at this. The wedding looks like it went well, congrats to the newlyweds.

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Yay! Seems like it was a great time!

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A couple of comments on the photos from the other thread:

  • Awww, Brad playing with Will Smith baby.
  • First photo of Jeff should have explosions photoshopped into the background.
  • John Drake is a handsome dude.
  • Lol at Vignocchi and Davis dance off.
  • Damn, Joey lucked out if that's his gal. I mean, he's handsome himself, but damn.

"Matt Rorie, you are a human piece of shit."

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Everyone gives Will Smith a hard time, but they don't really hate him. Unless he was invited to the wedding just to bus tables.

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Heartwarming. What a great group of human beings.

#42 Posted by Godlyawesomeguy (6401 posts) -

This is fucking great.

#43 Posted by phrosnite (3518 posts) -

Congrats Ryan! Good catch.

Is there a pic of Vinny's wife?

#44 Posted by mintyice (191 posts) -

@rvone: Nah, he just has expensive gear. He's a pretty average photographer tbh. For some reason people think tons of bokeh = great composition which simply isn't the case.

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I looked at those pics and now I feel like a creep.

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I surprised Ryan didn't have a morning suit specially made with shorts...

Isn't the internet fucking weird? Everyone knows so much about everyone else's life these days...

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Haha, three of Ryan's groomsmen (Jeff, Dave, and an unknown guy) wore sneakers. Jeff no doubt had a FUBU jersey on underneath his dress shirt.

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Dat PBR. Stay classy!

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Wish I had never seen these.

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Congrats Ryan! Good catch.

Is there a pic of Vinny's wife?

She's the woman in the blue dress holding Max next Vinny.