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This Saturday me and Nye are going out to celebrate her birthday (which is Sunday), so we wont be here for The second half of our boss farming. Kick ass as a birthday gift to her!

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@Thrawnkkar:  Ugh... people and their "real lives".... makes me sick

Anyway, I just hope this doesn't kill our Saturday group this week. I really want to down bosses when Aziz isn't here.
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That lady'll do anything to get out of fighting Chimearon.

Even traveling back in time to manipulate the day of her birth.  Shameful.  Well, we'll just have to kill him tonight.
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Just looked at our tickets, show isnt till 10pm, we'll probably leave here at 8:30, so we are signing up as tentative again for that day, if there are open spots or people that dont need the boss they are on we can fill in till its time for us to leave, no big whoop if not though.