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Do NOT press that button!

Was inspired to dig out my tablet watching Spelunking With Scoops today. Best of luck to Patrick in his future efforts in Spelunky. Hopefully he learns his lesson about the teleporter soon.

Edit: Now with a background and logo!

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This is so fucking good.

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I like it Duder!

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Hee, really cute! That teleporter...

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you did this on a touchscreen, with your finger?! im impressed

wish i could draw lol

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@futurstock: Ah, by tablet, I mean a wacom intuos, not a tablet computer :)

Thanks for your comments, all!

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Hah! Nicely done.

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@dorkymohr: Adorable. His outfit is a little familiar. Hm.

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This is all I ever wanted from this series.

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thumbs up

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OMFG this is amazing.

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This is proof that the internet is a beautiful place sometimes.

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this is incredible

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somebody should make a trick klepek sprite sheet

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Next, we should get a badass jetpack and shotgun Scoops.

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Next, we should get a badass jetpack and shotgun Scoops.

In a hotdog costume as well.

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I want to get internet famous so people can constantly draw amazing cartoon versions of me.

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Nicely done!

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If only Spelunky PC had custom characters like Don't Starve! Great work.

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So cool!

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Great stuff duder! God damn those teleporter runs are fun to watch.

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Despite beating Hell a couple of times now, I still never use the teleporter. It's fun to mess around but it seems way too unpredictable to use in a real run.

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Excellent. Excellent!! Thumbs way up duder.

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@dorkymohr: Aaaaaaaaaaaand now you're on the front page of the site!

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It's almost cliche now for a community member to make an amazing piece of fan art. Fantastic work Duder!

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This is a bit off topic, but how in the world can you draw lines so straight with a tablet? Whenever I attempt to draw with one, my hands are all shaky and I just can't draw well without looking at my freaking hands. People like to say how it's similar to drawing with a pencil, but no it's not! Not at all. I guess I just need more practice, but man is it annoying.

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Oh man, really, thanks to everyone who enjoyed it. And super super glad that you like it Patrick.

@hatking: Really wish I could say that was intentional. Haha

@random45: It does take some practice and it is very different from drawing on paper. Instead of moving your wrist to draw you have to essentially move your arm to make strokes. Working at a really large size zoomed in also helps. I still have to go back later and clean up my lines with the eraser.

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@dorkymohr: Oh, that actually makes sense. It would make it a LOT easier if I moved my arm instead of the wrist, it just didn't even pop into my mind to do that. I'll definitely do that the next time I try drawing on my tablet.

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@dorkymohr: It's just subconscious association at this point.

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Someone should mod that into the actual game.

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dats mah boy frontpagin it

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This is fantastic!

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It's perfect.

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Now that sir, is quality fanart.

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Nailed it. That's awesome.

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That's pretty darn great. Nice job!

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That's really cute!

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If someone wants to somehow transform this into a logo, I think we have the new official art for this feature...!

(If you do that, make sure to sign it/pimp your twitter/tumblr/whatever in the image. Fine with me.)

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I'll certainly give it a shot, once I get home later today I'll post a larger version with transparency if anyone else wants to try it out.

edit: Large version added

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That is fantastic. I love it. Patrick, post today's Spelunkin' on YouTube already!

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Not to be outdone by Fobwashed's amazing artwork I gave a shot at a full version. I had a lot of fun with these, and again thanks to everyone who enjoyed it.

And a version sans text:

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@dorkymohr: Hah! That's what comes of messing with the teleporter.