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Okay so I've noticed a few things with people signing up for raids, and wanted to clear up a few things.

  • Just because 10 people are already confirmed for that raid night does not mean that you shouldn't sign up.  We are completely willing to swap people in and out for the bosses that are on farm so that new people can get gear. A decent number of our raiding core already has the gear that they need off the first few bosses, and would be more then happy to sit out a single boss for you to come in and get loot.

  • Just because you have been assigned standby doesn't mean that you have no chance of getting into the raid. Again, we are willing to swap people in and out for the farm bosses.

  • Starting this coming raid week, if we will only be doing a progression boss on a certain night, I will mark it more clearly once we know that it will be progression only, as a 'New Boss Night'. During a "New Boss Night", we will probably not be swapping in and out, unless someone has network issues or something of the sort. Any other night however, we are totally willing to.

We do not want to make raiding an exclusive club, and we would like to try and be as inclusive as possible, you just have to let us. We would like to create a second raid team at some point in the future, but that point is probably a while off still, so this is going to be how we deal with it for the time being. If you have any questions or concerns, hit me up on here, or get a hold of me in game.
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This is great info. Looking forward to getting in on the raids when I hit 85. Thanks Troidy.

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Absolutely, while I will miss the extra vp I know that gearing up the new people will make the 2nd raid group happen faster and smoother and then I get my extra vp back. :)