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An #E3mystery! A mystery!

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Still time 'till tomorrow before E3 ends, right?

I'm guessing...exclusive preview copy of The Last Guardian. Eh, eh?

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It was probably the cut outs on the set...?

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I'm assuming it was the cardboard cutouts

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the standees probably

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Joe Biden.

Not the cardboard cut-out in the background of their set. Actual Joe Biden.

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yeah. probably the stuff on the E3 set.

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Probably the cardboard cutouts.

Actually by the end of E3, there will be a reality show to decide who, between the cardboard cutouts, will become the new GB member! Team cardboard llama all the way!

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If they were the cardboard cutouts, I'd really like to know the reasoning behind the selection. Half of them don't really fit the GB style.