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1920 x 1080

I made a poster for the GiantBomb crew last year and decided to make a wallpaper of it. Inspired by the Poltergeist movie poster.

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Nice work, man! Very cool. I think this would make a great video banner for the series' return.

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Pretty cool!

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That is super cool. Love Poltergeist, love this.

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that monitor glow is really nice looking, keep it up!

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Very nice poster. Great job!

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That's awesome

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that's fucking great

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I love it. Would also like to suggest the second inner quote like on the original poster: instead of "They're here", maybe something like "Oh GOD!"

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Nicely done! I can already see him knocking over that beer.

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Wow. Brilliant work

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I have the poster version framed on my wall :D