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Build Server, Version 1.6.6 
 Survival Server, Version 1.6.6
Six person limit . Still testing it. Dont fuck shit up.  
Post your name here for whitelisting to get access to server. Let me know if you aren't Opped on Build

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No promises.

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What's a brother gotta do to get whitelisted on this thang?

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Post your username so I can add it to the White List

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Banned, thanksverymuch

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Has the server been down? Or is it just me?

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@Babble: It runs on Bukkit, who doesnt have a 1.6 version yet. So until they do, the server wont work with the 1.6 client.
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New server for survival: 
Same map as before. Leu just upgraded the server.

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Incidentally, I am in the process of transferring the Build server over the the previous Survival IP.

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Change of plans. I've installed 1.6.5 onto the previous server IP. If you want to test it, feel free to update and five it a shot. I had it function with few problems. Draw distance in the Nether is kinda funky. 
Also the Nether is creepy and scary and Ghasts SUCK.

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@Makoma: You need to reset the spawn zone on the new survival server, I cant open the bombville nether portal doors or the farm and bank doors.

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So, I got bored and made a map of our spawn point and surrounding areas.

First, a blank one - http://i.imgur.com/Iq8T4.png

And an annotated one - http://i.imgur.com/Iu6lt.png

The labels are only the largest landmarks I found while making the map. All you sneaky peoples hiding mines and halfway houses in the middle of nowhere!

I find it interesting to see the random geome layout of the world, and that our starting continent is basically a huge island, surrounded by water and connected to the lands around it by small natural bridges of earth. I followed Makoma's torch trail down the southwest and found his hideaway eventually, but I think it'd take a whole other map to plot the distance to it.

Added a blank map if you want to point out places I didn't find, want to put your names to structures, whatever.

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I'm sad it didn't pick up the bridge!