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Well i am a bit behind on posting about this, but i have been having a real hard time accepting it as reality.

Ryan Davis has passed away, and that is ok, people die. But it hurts, for the last few weeks i haven't been able to even go to giantbomb. Tears would just swell up in my eyes, without Ryan its just not the same.

About 10 years ago i came across Gamespot, my brother recommended it to me when i asked about a good site for game reviews and news. After some time i discovered they did shows, by then it didnt take long before i came to love Ryan.

For a long time i have been dealing with depression and social anxiety. but when i saw or heard Ryan joke around it would make me smile. His laugh and giggle always make me laugh with him.

I am not the kind of guy that wants to meet a lot of celebrities, but the giant bomb crew is on my list of people i want to meet. But now that Ryan is gone, it feels like i have lost a chance to meet someone i considered important to me. I think its weird but it feels like i lost a good friend. After listening to the podcast and watching the videos of Ryan, i can see that the guys are having a though time as well. But they are coping, it shows that the show must go on. So i will keep coming back, it hurts but i wipe my tears, Ryan you will never be forgotten.

PS: Sorry for being a terrible writer.

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Don't worry about the writing you did. You did well. I feel ya man, it's tough. I took it really hard. Never wrote anything about it really but... I'm glad you came back and I'm also glad everyone here is all going through it together. I never thought I would be sad about someone passing that I had never met but.... Goddamnit if I'm not still really fucking sad about it too. My wife put it best, "you lost a friend, being sad is understandable". Doesn't matter if it was a one sided friendship, still lost a great friend. We'll get through it man. Keep going strong. Everyone keep going, Miss you, Ryan.

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@mitchell486: Thanks, this community is pretty good in these times. Everyone keeps each other strong with the nice feedback from the grieving. Thank you again for the comment, its not an easy time to go trough but we can do it together.