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I'm letting uncola and Azizzmuck know that the only day I can't be counted on for singing in is Thursday. Maybe we can piggy back it on our black drake run? 10-15 minutes to do that. It's a warm up and time for people sing in for the real raid.

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 @Thrawnkkar: yeah let's see how much interest we get after the run tonight, I only put the Thursday run on the schedule because that's the only day this week Galv said he could run it, and I felt bad putting up a signup on 1 day notice.  I totally remembered you saying Thursday was no good.

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@bcjohnnie I mean I'm not the be all end all of the group if you get more people for tomorrow run it. I'll just have to make the next! :p
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@Thrawnkkar: Don' t sell yourself short duder!  We always need someone to take Babble's loot, hump my corpse, and generally make snarky comments in voice chat!  Anyway, for the early stages of this I'll get something together whenever we have enough.  Lucky for me I have no life so I can organize this every night!! .... *sigh*
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@bcjohnnie: Lucky for America sir.
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for people to watch if they havent already.