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This whole thread is amazing. Great work, guys! @fattony12000 I'll be waiting for the extended 6 minute clip with giddy excitement!

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@fattony12000 I'll be waiting for the extended 6 minute clip with giddy excitement!

Thanks! I did a bit more work on it yesterday, in fact...

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That was excellent!

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This is smegging incredible.

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Nice work duder. I think Red Dwarf series 3 onwards had one of the best opening sequences on British TV. Dat theme music!

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I liked the part where Jeff when "bap bap bap" with his gun and it matched the music. That was a good part.

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"A single tear rolls down my right eye" I approve!

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In the words of Dave Lang,

"Whoa,Whoa,Whoa. So Smart."

Perfect fit duder.

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This thread makes me feel all sorts of regret again over not being able to 'get into' Red Dwarf.

That GB Night Court opening was all sorts of amazing.

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Great video man! Red dwarf reminds me of my childhood, watching it on PBS late at night.

Thank you kind duder, simply amazing.

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Red Dwarf is fanfuckingtastic.

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That's amazing great work!

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If Brad is Rimmer, then surely Brad Muir must be Ace Rimmer..?

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Wait wait wait hold UP! I've been watching this site's content for 5 years, I've never seen these in-office sketches with costumes and shit, where did you get those? I only know of the GOTY video costumes.

By the way that was beautiful nice job.