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Hey Duders.

I was really Impressed by Vinny on the "for the kids" stream, when they kept playing Windjammers.
I thought it was very cool to follow his progress from "just started" to "dangerous German foe".

I wanted to make a character with Vinny`s likeness, Klaus Wessel armour and my style of "drawing".

Startet on this idea right after the 24hr stream, but stopped halfway through. Finished it today in anticipation for UPF.

Sorry about the lazy background, but i have more fun with characters, and are a very lazy man!
Hope you guys like it, and join me in cheering Vinny on in everything he does!


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Nice work duder!

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Vinny seems to be packing more than just a heck of a throwing arm there!

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He reminds me of Stretch Armstrong.

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@humanity said:

Vinny seems to be packing more than just a heck of a throwing arm there!

Compensation for his right thumb, perhaps?

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It looks like Doom Guy armor and that's a very good thing.

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Nice job, but Vinny plays his best as Italy, that last game which was fucking crazy was when he made the switch.

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@nightriff: Yeah i guess you are right, but i really enjoyed the Wessel matches where Vinny started to experiment with the heavy weight and began catching special throws without getting pushed into his own goal. Those matches were fun to watch and seemed like the first time Jeff didn't steamroll everyone, and had to change his playing style :)

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Freaky. I love it!

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@saik0u: Agreed, actually watching the 24 Marathon Windjammer matches and Vinny's matches as Wessel are intense, entertaining and fantastic. Only thing is that final match which is amazing was him as Italy.

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Ha, nice! I'm sure Vinny would get a kick out of this.

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This is a really cool work of art you have done!

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Vinny never skips leg day.

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Thank you guys for the kind words!
Fun to see that people other than me like silly crap too :P

I have made another illustration, featuring Brad this time, that you can take as gander at if you want.

Thanks !