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After watching the last VinnyVania episode i fell in love with how the last two screens before the Dracula tower looked. Never really been into castelvania (except the music) but thought I could hack them together to make a cool wallpaper or even print it out to hang on my wall.

I mixed the two screens together, patched up some weird areas, added some tweaks and went over the edges to blend the whole thing together.
Just for fun I added a Lil` Vinny, and think it turned out quite OK.

The images are grabbed from the stream, but i kind of like the compression artifacts and color bleed in some areas. Makes it look slightly more like a CRT monitor!

Hope you guys get a chuckle.

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Aww, look at that, Li'l Vinny is so happy! I bet he doesn't know what's up those stairs, huh?

Great job, dude.

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Dracula's a dick.

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Got more than a chuckle. Got a great laugh.

Love it. Great job duder.

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Vin-tastic work!

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Look at that smile. Good for lil' Castlevinny, not letting Dracula break his spirit!

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make another pic and switch out those damn medusa heads with dave lang's head lol

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It's beautiful

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Poor lil' Pixel Vin don't even know what awaits him.

make another pic and switch out those damn medusa heads with dave lang's head lol

Personally, I'd prefer a DracuLang. What a horrible night to get BOPPED.

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@mooseymcman said:

Vin-tastic work!

You beat me to it!

Great work duder, this is awesome!

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Wow this is amazing! I hope Vinny sees this!

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This would make neat poster.

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Hey, small Belmont man!

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I give this 5/5 vinnes.

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Great job Bob!

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Thank you duders!

Glad you like it :)

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Poor mini vinny. He has no idea how many times he's gonna witness this scene before he is finally done. Nice work dude!

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Awesome. I'm imagining that he's pausing to bust out some dance moves à la the Kinect Sports Rivals quick look.