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I could be way off Babble (and JonnyFlash if you want to use this too) but our gear is pretty close. I'll keep looking to make sure Im right. I'll update if Im not. Im Destruction so you know. 
here is the link to my wowhead list. Just select the slot you want and check out the gears. There is a slight bug, there is a series of items that drops off the trash in cataclysm dungeons, and wowhead has heroic versions of these, which dont exist. To give you an idea of what your ultimate goal would be, if you care enough, Ive also included elitistjerks list of our Best in Slot gear.  
Heres the gear list Troidy made for me.
Heres the  Elitistjerks bis list. Includes optimal reforge, enchants and gems.

There is also a site that all of you could use, askmrrobot.com load your character and you can click on the right to optimize your reforges and enchants and gems.  
All of this is of course if you care. Im not trying to make you do anything you dont care about. :P 
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Oops, forgot that the Trinket stuff is all busted in WowHead.  
Heres the straight simcraft stats for trinks, if you have a question about what is what let me know. 

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Thanks Az!

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That's a rabbit with a pancake on it's head.

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@Thrawnkkar said:
" That's a rabbit with a pancake on it's head. "
It is indeed.
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@Babble: I did that to our poor dog, except with a waffle.
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This is very helpful. Thanks Azz.

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@Jonnyflash80 No problem jonny! Lemme know if you have any questions.