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I'm just sayin yall... feral kitty is pretty high on those lists for best Dark Intent targets... if you wanna, you know, give me Dark Intent I wouldn't complain or nothin...
Also, on a more serious tip, I know very little about locks, but I'm seeing indications that a lock can stand on one of the platforms the whole time and tank the wind boss in four winds due to their self-healing.  So my question is: Aziz and Babble, is one of you better specced than the other for self-heals?  The wind boss does pretty low damage overall, looks like the worst thing he does is throw you up in the air, so we may have to find a way to mitigate that.  But if we can put a lock on that platform it will help a lot because we will only need 2 healers and 2 tanks to run conclave.

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I think my spec is the best for self heals. Babs does it too but I have a tale t that specifically heals me, however I have a feeling that they are specifically talking about an affliction lock. Who can do something called drain tanking.

My self heals are almost certainly not good enough for a raid boss as destro.

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@Thrawnkkar:  Uhh well then...
Edit: srsly, that's ok I guess, my eyes just lit up when I thought that we could get by with 2 healers, since it's going to be tough to be picky about raid comp with a weekday group.  I was mostly just wanting to get our newbies in a new raid too.  We will make this work somehow, I may try to put an event up for Wed/Thu to gauge interest and maybe get a very early attempt in.
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@bcjohnnie: lol, maybe babs other spec is Affliction. 
If not Im sure we can get a 3rd healer, Raw, Super, Nye, Venenn are always on.  
Though Im almost never avail Thursday.
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when we did four winds with that pug we had three healers still, fyi.

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@Astrophel:  It seems definitely doable with 3 healers, I'm just always interested how we may be able to fudge it with a different group comp.  
At no point was I suggesting that we should neglect healers Nye ; )
Now it's just a matter of pulling you away from critter killing long enough to do another raid.
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@bcjohnnie: Critters must die.