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Poll: Who should grow their facial hair out next? (122 votes)

Matt 38%
Brad 42%
Jeff 23%

I was just curious as to who the community thinks should grow their facial hair out next

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I've never seen Rorie with facial hair. Let's go with that.

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I was curious what Rorie's facial hair would be like too, but I know what Jeff's facial hair is like and that's what I want to see happen.

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Brad looks rugged as hell when bearded. He should always have a beard as far I'm concerned.

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Rorie would have the best facial hair...

#6 Posted by SeanCoughing (273 posts) -

Alexis, you know there is a magnificent beard just waiting under surface.

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There should be an option for Vinny to grow his facial hair even longer! That man needs a long pointy goatee xD

But of the 3, I'll say Brad. I've seen Jeff with some stubble before and I don't think a full on beard would suit. As for Matt... We don't see him enough for it to be a big deal :P

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Have we seen Drew with a beard yet?

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Although I think he could go bigger and bushier, embrace his inner Viking.

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Moar Brad beard!

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@razielcuts: And longer hair perhaps. 'Chris Hemsworth as Thor' is a crucial quality I look for in production staff.

So I guess we're just down to Alexis and Rorie, huh? Also, I know Norman Chan is working elsewhere, but maybe there's room for his mirror-universe counterpart...

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Brad looked like a goddamn badass lumberjack with his beard. He needs to bring that shit back...immediately.

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Who the fuck is Matt? I only know the person known as @rorie . I think I actually tweeted him once saying how cool his facial hair looked in a certain old video. Could have just been really big haircut though now that I think of it. I don't remember.

Edit: Just noticed this was necroed... Oh well.

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Brad can grow one hell of a beard, he just needs to put in some work.