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#51 Posted by freakin9 (1187 posts) -

I get the feeling Ryan still hasn't playing enough of Skyrim, so his opinion, that Skyrim is better than his #1 on his top 10 list game SR3 likely hasn't changed.

#52 Posted by Icicle7x3 (1242 posts) -

FYI, new Skyrim DLC comes out early December so don't count it out yet.

#53 Posted by AlexW00d (6737 posts) -

Europa Universalis 3 had an expansion pack come out last year so I guess that. It's my GOTforever anyway.

#54 Posted by Demoskinos (16297 posts) -

I think Witcher 2 wins. They all like the game and with the 360 version out this year that gave more people a chance to play it. So....Witcher 2.

#55 Posted by Nightriff (6312 posts) -

Personally it is Portal 2, that is a damn good game

Crew it is probably Pushmo but Super Mario 3D Land is a great game

#56 Posted by zenmastah (1058 posts) -

Skyrim or Witcher 2, and Witcher 2 shouldve won last year in the first place.

#57 Posted by Hailinel (25787 posts) -

@Tremore said:

Skyrim or Witcher 2, and Witcher 2 shouldve won last year in the first place.

It won't be Skyrim. The PS3 version is still busted enough that they can't even release all of the DLC for it.

#59 Posted by Deusx (1938 posts) -

The nominees are going to be Skyrim, Saints Run, and Pushmo.

But Dark Souls should win, sadly, people don't have taste. That is the best game to be released this generation and one of the best games to exist.

#60 Posted by zenmastah (1058 posts) -

@Hailinel said:

@Tremore said:

Skyrim or Witcher 2, and Witcher 2 shouldve won last year in the first place.

It won't be Skyrim. The PS3 version is still busted enough that they can't even release all of the DLC for it.

Should be Witcher 2 then, it looks and runs gloriously on 360 and they released the Enhanced Edition for free on PC.

#61 Posted by IntoTheN1ght (63 posts) -

NBA 2k12 was GOTY last year, but sports games never win these things.

Neither Skyrim nor SR3 deserved it, 3D Land is better than both

#62 Posted by ImmortalSaiyan (4745 posts) -

What exactly is this reward supposed to be rewarding exactly? Is it the most longevity? So are we saying game X got a bunch of DLC so it wins? I don't see the point in it really.

#63 Posted by SharkEthic (1084 posts) -
#64 Posted by Nightriff (6312 posts) -

Portal 2, if I played it last year....it would've been a lot harder decision between that and Skyrim. One hell of a game.

#65 Posted by Lelcar (924 posts) -

I played a LOT of Skyrim this year. So that would be mine.

I also very much enjoyed The Witcher 2 this year, but technically it was released on consoles for this year and it's in my GOTY for 2012.

#66 Posted by SeanFoster (904 posts) -

I think The Witcher 2 should be considered for it's Enhanced Edition plus Xbox 360 port.

#67 Posted by nail1080 (2030 posts) -

Realistically it should be Skyrim, or at least it would be for me. I thought the Witcher XBOX port was pretty poor compared to the PC version, so I'm not sure why people are suggesting that.

However it seems like none of the GB crew stuck their teeth into the Skyrim DLC (just too busy to play some awesome games I guess???) and I feel like they've all been more burned out than ever this year when it comes to playing a wide array of games. Ryan got married, Vinny had a kid, Brad has a gf, Jeff is crazier than ever, and video games seem like they're more of a chore just to have something to say on the bombcast. Maybe you could blame this really long generation of consoles as a cause of this burn out, but I say fuck that I'm having more fun than ever with my videogames. I still love to play my old 360 games like Read Dead, Ninja Gaiden 2, GTA4 bitches, Dead Space, Mega Man 9, Black Ops 1 etc!!, but I've also been loving new games such as Hitman, Dishonoured, BO2, Halo 4 etc.

Now I wish I had more free time but PhDs take up considerably more time than procrastinating instead of doing your job of playing videogames and giving your opinion on them!

#68 Posted by Bobby_The_Great (1076 posts) -

Dark Souls. I played that game well into 2012, and even rebought the PC edition.

#69 Posted by Nux (2550 posts) -

Dark Souls. It was going to be my GOTY last year then Skyrim came out.

#70 Edited by bibamatt (1123 posts) -

Clearly Dark Souls (amazing DLC and PC, not so amazing but still a good thing, re-release) or Skyrim (two massive expansions plus constant mod support).

I doubt we'll see the GBers vote for either of these, though.

#71 Posted by kishinfoulux (2786 posts) -

It'd be great if Dark Souls got it, due to the DLC. I feel it will be Skyrim though, which sucks for it to win two years running (undeservedly so).

#72 Posted by MocBucket62 (1368 posts) -

Saints Row 3 has no chance to be 2012's 2011 GOTY because of the lackluster DLC. It will probably be between Skyrim or Super Mario 3D Land.

#73 Posted by HerbieBug (4228 posts) -

Mine is The Binding of Isaac. I would also give it the award for 2012's 2011 original soundtrack of the year. Danny Baranowsky baffles me. He is apparently incapable of writing mediocre music. He rarely even condescends to write merely 'good' music. It is wall to wall bangers with him all day all the time. BANGERS. o______________o

Cannot wait to see what Team Meat has in store for next year. These guys can do no wrong.

#74 Posted by Stepside (558 posts) -

I think Witcher 2, hands down.

#75 Posted by RetroVirus (1540 posts) -

My personal 2012 2011 GOTY is in fact Saint's Row The Third, because I only got around to playing it mid-January. That said, it is a phenomenal game, and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys open world games.