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According to Leigh on the last day of E3 Bombcast: It cost Activision $775 million to rent out the Staples Center. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Someone send her to the loony bin. If I was Ryan at that moment, I would have told her to get out.

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Out of Bobby Kotick's own pocket, no less.

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  I'll be listening to this once its available to download. I'm kind of excited for all the crazy things Leigh may say.

That is million bucks. 775 to be exact.
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turns out she was wrong what are the odds?

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The party cost 7.5 million but there was however 775 million sexy nazi lesbian midgets on the bombcast.

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This woman is so damn obnoxious. What the hell is wrong with her?

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I had to bust out my calculator to make sure the calculations were correct.
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i have no idea why i laughed so much at that
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Dudes, it cost at least 2K for a loaf of bread these days. Of course it cost that much.

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So many inside jokes.... my brain is exploding.

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God that was ridiculous. I can understand making a mistake at first, but she was then continually challenged and given multiple chances to correct herself but she just continued to look a fool.
Especially after repeating so many times "I'm a games journalist" "I'm in the business industry" "I work for Gamasutra" sheesh

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" <> "
I listened all the way through and didn't get why people where doing that.
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Now multiply that by 775 million, and you get where I'm comin' from.

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I am still laughing my ass off after that live podcast.. they should of kept going it was so outrageous.
I blame ryan for always cutting it off, that shit could of ran another 3 hours

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I just love that they said "That's three-quarters of a BILLION dollars" and she still was cool with it.

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The recorded show is up and I just watched that little bit again. It was so epic, how she kept on saying 775 million for 7 minutes, how she rudely picks Ryan out when he says unregardless and she says irregardless is the correct word even though its not a word also, and how she kept on going on her Activision rant even after they proved her wrong. 

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775 Million bucks? That's like 10 Bison Dollars.

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and that was e3.

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Haven't heard the show. We're all talking about a drunk person saying something stupid right? whodathunk.

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It's the gang sign.
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I'm getting scared of Giant Bomb and all its inside jokes. If it was your first time on here, you would think everyone is crazy ...

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@psyborg0815:  So true, someone would walk in here and be frightened by the fact that we think kid rock is the most authentic man alive, $775 million is a normal number for a show, and that everyone is WAY into diamonds. And that's just the last week ALONE.
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I'm trying to come up with something witty, but failing to do so.

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 At his current salary (15 million dollars) Bobby Kotick would have to work for 50 years to rent out the Staples Center >.>
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I don't think it cost $775 million to build the staples center, let alone rent it :s. Oh well, alcohol makes people say some funny things. 

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Someone on Neogaf said the Staples center cost $375 million. They should have just bought it.  
Edit: I get <> finally!  yay!      

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yea she was really fucking annoying

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Man, when *I forget who* told her it was 7.75mil not 775mil I started laughing so hard. She shouldn't be allowed to drink Sparks next podcast.

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@Killroycantkill:  Your thinking of Tilton...
But ATM that has to be one of the BEST podcasts on GB
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we need to make '$775 million' a trending topic on twitter.

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@Vital:  It was uniquely entertaining despite the dangerous amounts of raw crazy that has materialized in the form of Leigh Alexander.
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paul barnett is my hero so...

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Leigh Alexander was drunk on the bombcast again? 
Man. I'm sad I missed the live stream. Need to watch the archived version.

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@Killroycantkill said:
" Man, when *I forget who* told her it was 7.75mil not 775mil I started laughing so hard. She shouldn't be allowed to drink Sparks next podcast. "
Yes, that was great.  Fun fact:  She was still claiming the $775m figure on Twitter even AFTER being corrected by Tilton.