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The topic of Zardoz came up on the show and for those of you who do not know it, Zardoz is an experimental ...something.. looking into the relationship of penis and guns.

IMDB describes the film as

In the far future, a savage trained only to kill finds a way into the community of bored immortals that alone preserves humanity's achievements.

But really, it's a big floating head vomitting guns speaking of how evil the penis is.

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Yeah, that's really all that anyone cares about in the film. Eventually it goes to some kind of town and some stuff happens, but no one ever talks about that. People only talk about the head and the penis is the main topic of the films discussion.

You know, girls are always cosplaying The Fifth Element, guys need to up it a little and cosplay Sean Connery in this movie, it's quite the hot stuff.

So that's Zardoz.

So stop thinking your penis is a good thing, it's not, all it does is shoot seeds. Go get some guns and do what Zardoz asks of you.

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I've watched that movie over 10 times. A timeless classic!

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Never even heard of this movie until the Bombcast (seen that Sean Connery get up though) and nothing I've heard/read is making me want to see it.

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I've never seen the movie but I've heard a lot about it, doesn't Sean Connery just go and rape some women in it? And he's supposed to be the hero? Or is he just the guy the movie is following and there is no 'hero' in it? Part of me wants to see it due to how over the top cheese it looks, but another part doesn't really want to sit through Sean Connery raping somebody.

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If all a penis does is shoot seeds, what makes a penis any different from a tree, or a flower, or Harold from Fallout 3?

In a way Zardoz isn't saying "DICK IS BAD" but that Dick is Life. Dick gives Life. However it is man's capacity for destruction that can turn the Dick from a force of life to a force of destruction. In a sense, I think Zardoz is saying we are all Kali/Shiva. That we all possess that duality within ourselves, and that is ultimately up to us and the blessing of self-determination to decide if we want to use The Dick to give life, or to destroy it.

What I'm saying is that Zardoz is an allegory for consensual sex.

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But really, it's a big floating head vomitting guns speaking of how evil the penis is.

So what you're saying is that Borderlands is the video game of Zardoz?