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As a sort-of follow-up to this thing, here is a track discussing my current thoughts on the matter.

you said the train could never stop
you said it
and, fools, we all believed

you said you'd never let it drop
you said it
you said the train would keep on rolling

choo choo

the train lies twisted by the line
because of you
because of you

this train will never be on time
it's long since rusted through
because of you
because of you

ed: a sequel!

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Choo choo!

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It is pretty much just Nintendo's fault. They don't send him the information anymore.

Also, the song is great. As always.

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It's alright, I liked your previous one much much better!

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I feel you sadness. Oh god... the sadness...

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@Zero_: If you prefer more laid-back stuff, you may be interested in this. It's another piano-centric ballad-y thing, only it's about procrastination.  
@everyone else: choo choo
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The NDX was a joke with a limited shelf-life. It's better that it's over.

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I am sorry for bumping this thread. But if any thread deserves bumping, it's this. This is fucking amazing. My hats off to you sir.

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Genuinely shocked to see that there are people in this community who weren't fans of the Train. The greatness of Giant Bomb has always been that at its heart, it's really more about the goofiness than it is about the games. The Train was a perfect example of that.

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Choo Choo indeed, my friend.