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Alternate gaming podcasts?

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So I love Giant Bomb and the gang, followed Gerstmann since LameSpot... but GB is only a weekly cast.  What other podcasts fill up your week?  I stopped listening to the Joystiq Podcast ever since Chris Grant, Justin McElroy & Luddie stopped doing it.  Hopefully Gerstmeister & crew won't pull the same shit.
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@ballblaster: I'm in the exact same boat on the Joystiq Podcast. I really can't stand the guys who handle the show now, and really don't feel like the format serves the same (worthwhile) purpose that the Chris, Justin, and Luddy show did. I'll be interested to hear what others have to say on this topic.

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Rebel Fm if you like listening to a certain someone endlessly complaining about everything, but otherwise intelligent conversation, and cheap ass gamer if you like a lot of humor and cynicism mixed in with the podcast.

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@leftystarman: I thought Rebel FM was dead? Is it really still going on? 
8-4 Play is the best gaming podcast that is not the Bombcast. Also, Irrational Behavior and A Life Well Wasted are pretty interesting, but not weekly at all. Roleplayer's Realm is quite boring, but also interesting if you're into what they talk about.
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@FluxWaveZ: Gamespy Debriefings was shut down, not Rebel FM.

That said, Arthur Geis is a real Debbie-Downer. From a critical perspective, I love what he does, but he's the only guy more cynical about games than me, and that's pretty hardcore. He depresses me, sometimes.

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I dunno you could go through the idle thumbs archive?

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@Mmmslash said:

@FluxWaveZ: Gamespy Debriefings was shut down, not Rebel FM.

I know that, but I thought Rebel FM was also done with when Arthur left IGN. Anyways, the Game Club segments were the best things to ever come out of that podcast (along with the relationship emails). I didn't enjoy it very much aside from those.
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Drunk Tank sometimes talks about games... I listen to the Instance, just cause, ya know... I fuckin' dig it, even when I'm not currently playing WoW. God I miss WoW.

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I completely agree about Joystiq. I used to love it even more than the Bombcast at times, but they fucked it up soooo bad. :[

I'll second 8-4 play. It has a great slant towards Japanese games that you can't get in a lot of other places these days.

TalkRadar is my second favorite video game podcast next to the Bombcast. Weekend Confirmed is really great as well, especially if you liked 1Up Yours. And Top Score is pretty good if your're into video game music.

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I miss Idle Thumbs. Really a great show, and I loved the music in it, too.

Gamers with Jobs is excellent. Though, they talk about -games-. They're very game platform neutral. They will talk about console/PC/mobile/and board games. Their guests are excellent, as well.

For a while, I was on a Rebel FM kick; though in retrospect, it's probably because I wanted some sort of replacement for the GFW podcast and Anthony was on it. Arthur killed the show for me, though.

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@Soapy86 said: 

TalkRadar is my second favorite video game podcast next to the Bombcast. Weekend Confirmed is really great as well, especially if you liked 1Up Yours.

Really? I'd say it's great if you like Garnett Lee. 1UP Yours is the podcast that introduced me to gaming podcasts and Weekend COnfirmed is nowhere near as fun as 1UP Yours was. Weekend Confirmed is terrible (of course, in my opinion) and really unfunny. It can't match John Davison, David Ellis, Shane Bettenhausen and others from the old 1UP days.
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I don't know if its gaming per say, but the Drunk Tank podcast by Rooster Teeth is amazing. They talk games, so I count it as one.

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Also, if you're not Video Game-centric, Critical Hit is a great D&D Actual Play podcast. Routinely hilarious, great story, and great for folks who don;t even know anything about D&D.

See also: Fandible; At Sixs and Sevens; Steam, Steel and Murder; Actual People, Actual Play

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I listen to The Final Score, PC Gamer Podcast, The Instance and The Doghouse Systems Podcast.

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@FluxWaveZ said:

@Mmmslash said:

@FluxWaveZ: Gamespy Debriefings was shut down, not Rebel FM.

I know that, but I thought Rebel FM was also done with when Arthur left IGN.

They took a few week hiatus around that time, but yeah, they're still going pretty strong.

Speaking of The Debriefings, check that shit out yo. Easily the funniest gaming podcast that isn't about gaming ever.

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WRONG BITCH, YOU'RE LISTENIN' TO TALKRADAAAARRRRR!! I believe this is from my favourite name of any episode of anything: "Ethnic Mickey".

Actually Gamesradar is goin through a bit of a Gamespot right now n everyone's leaving, so you're about 12 months too late to get the best of this cast :(

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I listen to one called The Widget Show, it's only roughly every other week, but the hosts go well together to carry conversation and be entertaining. WWW.thewidgetshow.com

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Community member Ron DiBona (EvilDeadRon) is the host of the GroovyGamer podcast, which triumphantly rose from the ashes this week. He's good people.

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8-4 play

weekend confirmed

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I second the 8-4 recomendations. I really enjoy it. A very different perspective and a great companion to the Bombcast. Also, the Cagcast was the first podcast I ever really got into, although I don't know how someone coming in with out knowing the hosts personalities will feel about it.

Also, don't give up on the joystiq podcast. Luddy, Justin and Chris still do a monthly quiz show which captures the fun of the old show. Also, Justin's other podcast My Brother my Brother and Me is a stone cold classic.

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@InsidiousTuna: thanks dude, appreciate it.

the new version of the show is something i'm pretty proud of and we have a lot of things lined up for the coming weeks

the reboot is here

and on iTunes

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There used to be so many good video game podcasts, but now they are all either gone or have completely changed their line-up. It makes me sad :(

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Provided you're into PC games, I'd recommend the PC Gamer UK podcast.

It's a lot of intelligent, professional discussion, with a good amount of humor mixed in. It doesn't have as much negativity or cynicism as in many other podcasts, which is fantastic.

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Damnit, where is Shawn Eliiot when we need him?

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Weekend Confirmed, RebelFM. Gaming podcasts are on a downturn ever since the 1up, Gamespot,and IGN debacles. Gaming just aren't what they used to be imo. It's gonna take a real push by either the people that made game journalism so awesome, or a new group of people who share their enthusiasm.

EDIT: That could be any of us btw.

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So no Major Nelson love eh?   
I keed, I keed... I just don't understand how a billion dollar industry has 1 quality podcast.  I tried real hard to give the new Joystiq podcast a second change but it just keeps sounding like a group of smug highschool kids trying too hard.  So the consensus mostly points to 8-4 Play, RebelFM and TalkRadar...  Will have to give them and a few of the others a go. 
While I of course love the Bombcast, I wish it was a bit more structured like the old Joystiq podcast w/ the mailbag segment, What u been playing, etc.  Ryan Davis does do a good job making sure all the other guys stay on course.  Vinny was like the naive doofus but he's been taking notes from Shoemaker, tossing in more than a few $5 words lately.  Jeff seems to be settling into old age as of late as he's much more serious and doesn't show his "Gangsta" side as often. 
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I quite like Weekend Confirmed and Rebel FM.

My favourite podcast at the moment by far is How Stuff Work's Stuff You Should Know. Not a gaming podcast, though.

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I like games Dammit! with the drowsy Jeremy Parish when he's here.

Retronauts is also cool for old people like me.

If you like french there is "silence on joue" of libélabo, a great podcast with uptight Parisian.

If you want life advice go to the ign podcast and cry, I did cry a lot when I heard those horrible podcast they made.

On a non gamer podcast a love the Pritzker Military Library podcast. Listen to it while sipping a cup of tea near the fireplace.

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Rebel FM Gamers with Jobs and Joystiq are good I enjoy IGN Gamescoop and Beyond (pretty sure i'll get flamed for that) Games Damn it isn't to bad

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The Indoor kids is turning out to be a pretty good podcast.

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Are there any Monday gaming podcasts? It dawned on me that I one or more for every other weekend except Monday...

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Geekbox Podcast

Rooster Teeth Podcast

Hey Ash Podcast

I find with those three and the Giant Bomb, my week is filled with a new ep almost every day of the week.

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  • Drunken Gamers Radio
  • Gamescoop
  • 8-4 Play
  • Podcast Beyond
  • Sarcastic Gamer Playstation Podcast
  • Weekend Confirmed
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For those folks who enjoy 8-4 Play, I would recommend listening to Warning! A Huge Podcast Is Approaching Fast. The podcast struggles with keeping a schedule, but all of the "stages" remain relevant and listenable. The focus of the podcast is on Japanese gaming with some unique aspects. The crew doesn't just detail the news; they also translate Twitter messages from Japanese game developers. They break down the sales data for Japanese games and discuss the mindset of the Japanese game industry. It makes for a unique take on gaming.

#39 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19398 posts) -
@jewunit: Thanks for the suggestion. I'll try it out.
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The only two I still listen to regularly are Rebel FM and Podtoid. Three Red Lights and The Gamespy Debriefings were fantastic but they are both no longer.

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@Laketown said:

I dunno you could go through the idle thumbs archive?

Do this. Just do it. Do it right now. It's the only podcast I like as much as the bombcast. http://www.idlethumbs.net/

#42 Posted by Grilledcheez (3974 posts) -

The bombcast is the only CAST as far as I'm concerned

#43 Posted by NickLott (793 posts) -

I listen to 8-4 play, which has been mentioned, and also The Indoor Kids which is predominantly comedians talking about games. The lastest episode with Paul Scheer talking about all the awful systems he owned was particularly good.

#44 Posted by Tamaster92 (272 posts) -

Personally I love knockin boots by ign, it's a relationship advice for gamers, but my god it's funny. In the same vein is my brother my brother and me which is hosted by all three McElroy brothers. Other than that I like rebel fm, geek box, ign uk, and podcast beyond, but I realize Greg miller is a very decisive character

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If you like strategy games Three Moves Ahead is good http://flashofsteel.com/index.php/three-moves-ahead/ , it's the podcast for flashofsteel.com and also the Idle Thumbs podcast is definitely worth listening through.

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Get yourself some http://www.onelifeleft.com/ - it's a bit daft, but the hosts have a good connection and they have a nice mix of genuine interest and irreverence. Also, some nice chip tunes thrown in to boot.

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I used to listen to Invisible Walls but the show started changing after the 100th episode, I just don't jibe with the hosts anymore.

Right now I pretty much listen to the Bombcast and EpicBattleCry every week.

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@leftystarman said:

Rebel Fm if you like listening to a certain someone endlessly complaining about everything, but otherwise intelligent conversation, and cheap ass gamer if you like a lot of humor and cynicism mixed in with the podcast.

Rebel FM is awesome, but that moron Arthur brings it down so bad with constant god damn whinging and emo vibes..

I recommend CAG Cast and Weekend Confirmed.

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The only other game related podcasts I listen to regularly are Joystick Tuggers, which some community member do, and Retronaughts. I used to frequently listen to Joystiq's podcast, but unfortunately they changed the format a couple of months ago.

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The ones I have:

  • Gamers with Jobs, as others already mentioned
  • Drunken Gamers Radio is quite hilarious and they also discuss a bunch of other subjects
  • The Geekbox is often quite amusing and discusses some different kind of games from time to time
  • Rebel FM can be nice, although I really dislike some people on there from time to time (like for being dismissive of Red Orchestra 2 because it doesn't support the X-box controller)
  • Downloadable Content is the podcast done by the Penny Arcade guys. It hasn't been updated for a long time, but I still had a great time listening to their old episodes. Those guys are just funny.