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So, time for people to post more numbers stations.

Are the noises meant to be interpreted by a computer, the way the AoL dial up noises are? Or is some schmuck in the military tasked with sitting around listening to that shit 24/7 awaiting the once every ten years a different bleep will come along, or a dude who will actually talk?

Can you distance youself from the spookiness of the loud, monotonous, distorted sounds, and the potential mass murders their beeps are preventing, heh, and just think of how amateurish and childish these things are? The worlds biggest secrets are bleeping and bloopin into the garages of any old asshat with enough disability checks to spend all day recording them. The idea that some poor spy is relying on this archaic technology that can't be picked up by a damn iPhone let alone what star trekian device Lockheed Martin could equip him with today. A technology that can be brought down by a cloudy day, too much humidity, too many airplanes crossing over, the microwave oven of the dude in the apartment next to the spys'? ;-p

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I'm not sure how I feel about this