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Jeff mentioned he was after great Amiga games to play I had one as well as a SNES back when I was a tween/teen and there are only two Amiga games that I look back with fondness on, and only one that I think should be considered a historical milestone.

One is Hunter, its a 3rd person open world game in which you steal a variety of vehicles, boats, tanks, jeeps helicopters...and it came out a good decade before GTA 3, sure it ran slow and looked worse than minecraft but it was revolutionary, well ahead of its time and worthy of respect from anyone who considers themselves a gamer.

Second is moonstone, a hack and slash multiplayer game, I spent many hours playing that game with friends and i fired it up about 6 months ago and it holds up pretty good.

Anyone else got any Amiga games to add.

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I feel like Dragonscape was an amiga game. Had some bitchin music

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I have memories of a game called Z-Wolf but I can't remember if those memories were positive or negative, it was something like a polygonal Desert Strike.

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I get my C64 and Amiga games a bit muddled but Another World and Flashback (think you guys called it Out of this world?) were great, Cannon Fodder was fun, Stuntcar Racer, Syndicate, IK+, Nebulus, Last Ninja, Leaderboard, California/World Games, Hypersports, Armalyte, Buggy Boy, and The Sentinel which is my favourite game,

wish they'd do it for android!


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Ahhh.. I was an Amiga kid up to my mid teens - loved that machine.

A few recommendations:

Exile, Paradroid 90 (nice swish graphical remake of Paradroid), Silly Putty, Xenon 2, Body Blows

Also, a pretty good resource for what was well received at the time is an archive of the Amiga Power All Time Top 100: http://amr.abime.net/amr_amiga_power_top_100.php

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Chaos engine.


The 'strike' games (may have just been desert strike)

Valhalla was a great little adventure game

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Shadow of the beast scared the shit out of me when i was younger as well - dat music

Loved my amiga 600 as a kid :D

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MOONSTONE hehe that game was awesome and awful at the same time that fucking dragon man

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Oh, I remember that Hunter game. Was pretty impressive at the time. The main thing that I can remember playing a lot of (all the great stuff already mentioned above aside) is It Came From The Desert. The amiga version was as far as I am aware the best version of it by far, both in terms of visuals and audio. Amiga vs. DOS

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I never owned an Amiga but Bennett Foddy recommended Wizkid to me on twitter. It still holds up in 2013, a lot of fun.

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All the Alien Breeds!!!!! RAWR!!!

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Oooo, I just remembered...