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I only download the podcasts to my android phone and use Pocket Casts. Do you know if the premium podcast are a feed or am i going to have to download directly from the site?

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@forcen: Thanks, ill give that one a try.

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I also use Pocket Casts, I don't mind the ads though despite being premium.

Edit: I also just really really like Pocket Casts

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I use BeyondPod, works pretty well even for the premium stuff

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@abendlaender: I use BeyondPod as well - How would you configure it to pick up the passworded/premium feed?

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@bassman2112: While you have the feed selected the overflow 'hamburger' menu then 'Feed...' 'Edit Feed' 'More Settings' then find Feed authentication. Most people seem to have their username be the thing that works, but some have found it to be an email depending on how and when they signed up for whiskey. Make sure you hit save and you should be good to go.

On a related note, have you used the sync setting offered by Beyond Pod? I sometimes listen to the old Bombcasts and manually telling it which 100 to mark as unread from 2010-11 was a pain in the ass when I set up my new phone.