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I know In past years sometimes the guys will do a stream the night they get to the location to test equipment and their setup. Anyone here if they are doing a short test stream tonight? I haven't seen anything thus far myself.

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@Demoskinos said:

I haven't seen anything thus far myself.

They've been streaming their trip over there for a while now.

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Jeff and Alex are streaming their drive over, the rest of the guys already at E3 may do a video stream test tonight, they are using completely new equipment after all.

Better to test it tonight than tomorrow and find out they don't work.

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Streaming the trip. It's down right now, but it will probobly be back soon, and they've all but confirmed that they'll be doing a thing when they get to LA.

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There's also no bombcast tonight

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http://www.giantbomb.com/news/and-this-is-e3/4189/ This is the plans for the week, posted by Jeff late last week.

Patrick, during the EA presser, said that there will be a poscast going up tomorrow. My guess it was taped last week, and contains stuff that they could not talk about till now.

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I forget, did Ryan labor to get the Podcast version of each livestream up before daybreak? I'm wondering whether I'll be able to download it tomorrow morning before my commute.