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Kudos to the guy with the absurdly detailed correction about the "all possible pictures" TV and the perfectly timed sucker-punch to the thongs debate that followed.

I literally ended up doubled over with laughter at "Plastic Ice Cream Cowboy" though. I don't know why... anyone else think that this week was indeed "peak email" as Vinnie claimed?

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They've been funny, yes, and I've definitely been enjoying them, but I think there are a lot of people writing in trying to ride this wave going on. Honestly, as much as I've been enjoying the "insults" (I put it in quotes because I think everyone writing in is just having fun with each other) they're slowly starting to lose that magic I felt during the second week. Having said that though, they're still a lot better than the "Q&A style" questions they usually get.

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Oh yeah, the whole Australia thing was maybe getting a bit tired, but that was an exceptionally well delivered final blow.

Seriously though, the guy writing in about his dream inventions was one of the funniest things I've heard in ages. I want my four-leaf clover eye patch, god-damn it.

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Some of the topics might be starting to be a little old but the way Jeff manages to read the emails makes them come off a lot funnier than they should be. He is great at expressive reading.

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the jeff reading is half the fun. You know, every now and then there's always some angry fanboy email about console wars or something trying to be topical in video game news, these emails just make me happier over how silly they are.

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Yes. I lost all of my shit all over the toilet stall before running outside, passing a concerned colleague in the hallway as I waddled by.

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I'm enjoying the industry shit-bandit emails, but the Australia ones are getting a bit tired. The only good part about them now is Jeff attempting to pronounce Australian place names.

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That ending... Man...

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@barfqueen: To be fair, it was intentionally bad.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Edit: Also, really? You need to spend more time on the internet if it's some of the poorest use of language you've ever seen.

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@kittiah: Sorry, I generally try to ignore the more scatological corners of the internet.

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@barfqueen: You should listen to this week podcast then. Specifically, the last email.

Then it becomes sort of relevant.

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I haven't been listening to the podcast for a while, so when I got to that part it was just like 'the fuck is even happening with this segment anymore'

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@crithon said:

the jeff reading is half the fun.

RIP Nintendownload X-press 2011-2011

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I don't think I Canberra 'nother thongs email.

(I totally can, but it was my sacred duty to give Perth to that awful pun)

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I'm not much a maths guy, but I knew that the TV thought experiment would be impossible on any kind of time scale.

Honestly, I like that Australia has become an in-joke of sorts, but this is straying a bit too far. I don't think I'd be crazy in saying that, had Ryan still been host, he would have known when to stop and when to cull the insanity that is the state of the e-mails right now. Sorry for bringing him up, but that's what I think.

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@shagge said:

I don't think I Canberra 'nother thongs email.

(I totally can, but it was my sacred duty to give Perth to that awful pun)

*Slow clap*

Kudos, sir.

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The talk about how Elementary School teachers can't hold their liquor made me lose it... and then the last email happened.

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Wait, people wipe while sitting down?

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@oldirtybearon: I'm successful and important, I wipe on the move.

On an unrelated note: I'm successful and important, I poop on the move.

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Wait, people wipe while sitting down?

Try it out, you might like it.

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For real, someone has to make this laser-tag bank robbery thing happen.

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Aerosol shitters who stand while wiping....God help us all.

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I feel like the topics need to progress, but I'd be happy with these emails being a whole podcast. I can't wait to hear from all the people who wipe standing up next week.

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Mock Bank Robbery Co. needs to exist. It's gold.

Also, a lack of appreciation for the whole "Fuck your field of Science" email is too large in this thread!

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It was fun for awhile, but I'm over them. Let's move on.