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As mentioned on the show. I think I recall a room that could only be accessed by skateboard decks arranged as treehouse ladders.

Also, what's that tech that combines LTE signals? Can it be done at home, say, have a cable modem in each bedroom in your house and combine them for one super fast connection?

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Yeah, we totally need to see the rape room.

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It's charming:

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I remember watching the live streams last year and the place looked like hell itself, that and pretty much every guest they had mentioned how 'strange' the place was. Though I enjoyed hearing the strangers walking/talking at the open door to Patrick, Ryan and Jeff, all baffled by what the hell is going on. Guess it had it's charm from someone who wasn't there.

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That rape dungeon building was awesome - I loved how all the guests were copping shit on it, how you could see the stairs MADE OUT OF SKATEBOARDS in the back, it was magical.

Though, nothing compares to the little home they had when <> was born. Fridge cam, I miss you.

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Looks cozy. Box springs are for cowards.

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I personally don't see why they were unhappy with it. I think the fact that they got a filming location for the original Saw gives the Giant Bomb guys some real cred.

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Looks cozy. Box springs are for cowards.

Yeah, the filthy pillow-top mattress really makes it. Someone really needs to photo-shop a mafioso holding a gun point-blank to the back of whoever's head that is, because that's what it all feels like.

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