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This was back when Giant Bomb was getting started and Jeff and Ryan bought two TVs for the office. I remember being highly amused by their accounts of how they were treated like ridiculous kings since they were buying 2 TVs. They were going to buy a third one too but they decided to go buy it online instead.

Anyone know which episode that was? I'd like to give it a listen.

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Do you remember which office they were in? I'm going back through the backlog and am just about to hit the pre-cbsi building and haven't heard it yet so if that helps.

(just a note I didn't listen to the arrow pointing down episodes so it might be there.

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I'm pretty sure it's an Arrow Pointing Down podcast - but I don't know which one...

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Meant to mention I was sure it was their first office. The one with the TANG Couch and the LIVE sign. Maybe those were brought with them? It was basement.

Oh hey, there it is. Wonderful.

Edit: It was the inaugural episode of the Bombcast after the 3 Arrow Pointing Down shows? Rad. Man, I should just relisten to the first 4 episodes while I'm back there. Do them in order proper like.

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That's how we treat customers at Costco; you buy multiple TVs, we suck your dick.

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