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During a Bombcast, I am pretty sure it was the week after Jeff was gone, Jeff was talking about what he uses/does with the audio to Brad (I think) and he mentioned a program that automatic adjusts the audio level.

Does anyone remember the name or which Bombcast it was I thought I wrote it down somewhere but I could not find it.

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The software that Jeff is talking about is called The Levelator. It's a normaliser with a few other bits of audio processing witchcraft in there, I think.

I really had to think hard where I actually heard them talk about this, it was during the quick look for the new Dead Rising DLC, while they were waiting to find players for an online game.

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Brad was tweeting that the Bombcast is usually levelled with Audacity, but he fucked it up on the Bradcast.

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@damodar: That's it thanks, no wonder I couldn't find it I just assumed I heard it from a Bombcast not a quick look.

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I've tried Levelator in the past, but when I did the result came out so heavily compressed that it was fatiguing to listen to.

For the record, our setup is four XLR mics into a Zoom R16. The Zoom records four separate tracks onto SD, which I then import into Garage Band. I have a little compression and a noise gate on each separate track in Garage Band. When we first started, I was super worried about peaking out the Zoom, so I had the levels too low. This led me to Levelator (I'd "render" to stereo in Garage Band and then pass the result to Levelator). As I've gotten more familiar with the Zoom (and as we've gotten more comfortable in front of the mics), our levels are high enough now that I don't feel the need to use it.

One other thing that might be important to note - we record in a carpeted living room so there's bleed between the mics. Not sure if that has any effect on Levelator. I use the noise gate to combat that as much as possible, but there's definitely still bleed. I wouldn't think it'd do much to Levelator because by the time I send the file in it's just a stereo mix, but since I'm typing a novel I figured I'd include that tidbit as well.

Edit: I should point out that I also tried sending the individual tracks to Levelator before importing them into Garage Band. This sounded *terrible*, but I'm nearly 100% sure that it was due to the microphone bleed in that case.