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Ok so some of the points discussed about this trilogy I am not 100% sure about, but wanted to try and clarify the ones I am pretty sure about.  I'm a bit of a Back to the Future nerd (have not bought the blu ray triology yet but have the DVD triology anniversary edition with zemekis and gale doing new commentary).  Anywho a few movie points that I wanted to clarify:
The end of the second movie has a "To Be Concluded" thing because the second and third movies were done together- at Universal's request.  I didn't think the third movie had a to be continued thing but I'm not sure- so i can't say either way.  Now about the way the first movie ended:
According to the director commentary (from 10 years later or whenever it was anniversery'd) they wrote just the first movie initially and wanted to make a joke/dig at all the sequels and such so they put in the future stuff as a big joke- and I thought the "to be continued" was in the movie as a joke as well.  Then when the movie did so well in theaters and sold so well Universal came back to them and basically put them on the spot about a sequel.  In the commentary they basically say they had no intentions of making sequel(s) but Universal wanted them to and the movie was so successful they wrote the rest of the trilogy, using the joke story from the end of the first as the plot of the rest of the trilogy.
So that is all I had to add- also that Crispin Glover is only in the first movie because he asked for a shit-ton of money and Zemekis and Gale didn't think he was one of the more important characters.

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Weird. Kinda makes me wonder whether the second and third films would've even been make if it wasn't for that "joke".

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@Elazul: I'd have to go back and re-listen but i believe the second and third films' impetus was the financial success of the first film, combined with the joke.  I'm pretty sure if they hadn't written the joke sequel ending we'd still have seen some back to the future, but perhaps a different story.
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If I remember correctly, Gale and Zemeckis said they had no intention to make a sequel but the success spurred them onto making one.  I also believe that To Be Continued was added at the end of the first one retrospectivly at the home release, by which time they knew they were making a second film.  The reason they made the third film was because the script was so long for the second one they had to split it down into two movies.

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@SamStrife: Now that's something I'll have to re-watch the commentary for.  Interesting...
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@mfpantst: Yeah, it's on the Blu Ray interviews.  Very interesting watch.  The way they talked in it, everyone seemed genuinely blown away by how much of a success the first film was.  Micheal J. Fox talked about how he had a radio interview whilst he was filming an episode of Family Ties in the UK and he thought the host was joking when they told him how much of a success it was.  
Gale and Zemeckis then went onto say that when approached for a sequel, they said they'd do it as long as they could get Micheal and Christopher Lloyd back.  Micheal and Christopher were more than happy to and the rest of the cast pretty much followed suit.  The only exceptions were Crispen Glover who reportedly asked for far too much money and wouldn't budge and the original Jennifer (sorry, I can't remember her name) who had to cancel filming due to family issues (her mother was very sick I believe.) 
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And yes, a quick google search confirms that "To Be Continued" was added for home release versions.
I'm a super BttF geek :p