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Have had the 2011 Bombcasts running in the background for a while and after the gamespot announcements i started the 07-19-2011 bombcast.

Bombcast 07-19-2011: They realize that nothing good have ever happened when a big company buys a smaller one. Sure the small company say that they will still stay in control or still do awesome stuff, but it will ALWAYS go bad. (not exactly what they said but as close as i remember.)

Bombcast 08-02-2011: Ryan had a bad dream about moving into a new big office.

Felt like making a cut together mp3 as if they would have talked about current events as it totally fits but I'm too lazy.

Don't want this to be a complain about gamespot topic. I think/hope this will be a good thing. Afraid that i might subconsciously visit tested less until i forget about it though.


Did not really want this topic to be about the gamespot "merge", good or bad. it was mostly just me hearing them talk about another buyout thinking it would go bad, just after the interview. and i wanted to tell people about the small chance that i listened to just that bombcast after what had just been announced.

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I feel confident that the team at Giant Bomb know what they are getting into here. They are smart people and would not go into this without knowing the repercussions.

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They know what they're getting into but they're guys in their 30's who need real financial stability so they kind of don't care end of story. There are way too many threads about this stuff, just let the site quietly lapse into mediocrity please and thanks.

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Jeff will guide us down the right path

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Cautiously optimistic here, but

@Yanngc33 said:

Jeff will guide us down the right path

...I hope.

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That's pretty ironic if you ask me, well spotted

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Ryan's been known to be wrong before...quite consistently. I don't think we have much to worry about.

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GS. On the coffee. Did you see that, Zach?

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it will be all good had to happen sooner or later..just hope they stay kind of underground with their coverage of events etc like the develpers talking on the couches at E3

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CBSi wouldn't have purchased Giant Bomb if they didn't feel as though they could monetize it somehow. That is why they only purchased the two Whiskey Media websites with the most traffic. I think that there will be, at some point, a great deal of advertisements on this website. I know most people freak out over it, but I'm totally cool with a 15 second advertisement before I watch a thirty minute long quick look. That is completely fine. It will come to it at some point. With this acquisition, Giant Bomb's parent company will want to see a return on their investment. There will be advertisements. Lots of them. We still get the content though. Probably more content. I think it's fine.

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@Castro: Giant Bomb's parent company will want to see a return on their investment. True. But maybe just being associated with Giant Bomb holds value to them.

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if your a premium member you wont get any adverts

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@Funkydupe: Holy shit. I didn't even think of that. I'm pretty sure that Gamespot is doing pretty well right now, but this would bring quite a bit of legitimacy back to the website for those of us in the know. Also, I'm going to go out on a limb and naturally assume that a lot of the Whiskey Media memberships were sold specifically because of Giant Bomb. That money went to fund all of the websites. I'm assuming that they could still continue to offer something like that. Maybe they could make it cheaper or something. It's late and I'm getting into paranoia mode.

Yes, I am totally okay with everything that I have learned today. I think that it sounds great and I'm really happy to have Alex as a Giant Bomb member. I guess Dave is a member of the crew too? Awesome! Really curious about Rorie. They should probably get him back as well. I guess he will have something to say later today. I would say that I am a little less than extremely happy.

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It was bound to happen at some point. At least it was fun while it lasted. I'd give it 6 months to a year before GB gets merged to GS. I know Jeff said it's not going to happen but he went back stuff he said when this website started so I won't be surprised if that happens. I really hope they know what they are doing and that they went throught the contract with a fine tooth comb. I'd really hate to see this web site go.

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and again, no need for a new topic when there already tons about this. you can start by spending an hour reading through all the replies in Jeff's article.